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Z-Health 3 Pillars of Movement

Z-Health 3 Pillars

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Z-Health is a cutting-edge neuro-exercise system that helps people improve their health, alleviate their pain, improve their vision, balance, and movement, optimize their overall health, and maximize their overall performance.

Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong

Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong

The 3 Pillars Strong program, from Z-Health, is heavily steeped in Neuroscience, but you actually don’t have to care about the science or want to understand the neurological connections and scope inherent in the 3 Pillars Strong program, BECAUSE WE DO.

We care very deeply about the science and have used that information, along with extensive real-world experience, to design the 3 Pillars Strong program!

We created 3 Pillars Strong as a training template to be the most complete program of it’s kind. It is uniquely designed to both fit and benefit you, personally. Neuroscience, experience, efficiency,  individuality and customization all converge/unite to make 3 Pillars Strong the effective, practical, and unparalleled training program it is.

Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong

3 Pillars Strong means you are training all three of the 3 Pillars of Performance – movement, balance, and vision. Movement is to be expected in a training program but wherever there is movement training, intentional vision and balance training is necessary.

Unlike other programs, we specifically and purposefully incorporate Balance training and Vision training, the other two crucial elements of the 3 Pillars Strong program, into every session of the training. As a result, your brain integrates the 3 systems (Pillars) providing for previously unrealized progress.

Leaving vision and balance out of your training is like taking two tires off a tricycle, you still might actually get somewhere, but how drastically was your potential compromised?! A session that doesn’t take into account your vision and balance systems is by no means complete training and the potential compromise to your results is just too great.

Therefore, the 3 Pillars Strong program not only puts ALL the wheels on that tricycle; it also takes the brakes off, maximizing your results and releasing your true potential. Bottom line . . . you will experience some exciting results.



Results are our priority and how we measure success. We expect you to get results and we want YOU to expect results. One reason we expect everyone to get results is that the 3 Pillars Strong program relies heavily on a foundational Z-Health principle of Assessing and Re-assessing. This unique Assess and Re- assess process ensures an individual approach, individualized training, and ultimately individual results.

No other body has experienced what your body has experienced, and no brain responds like yours - you are uniquely YOU. We believe that fact should be taken into account in your training. To do this you will assess and re-assess in your training session to see how YOUR BRAIN and YOUR BODY responds to each drill and activity.

As a result, your training will be personally tailored. Imagine, your training will be specific to you! You will learn more about assessing and re-assessing as you go through the 3 Pillars Strong program, but for now, know it is not complex, and once you understand a bit better, you won’t want to train any other way!



The basic structure of each of the 12 Sessions is:
1. A 10-minute Foundational Concept Discussion/Educational segment to eliminate the myths of training and myths of brain-based fitness, so you better understand more about each element of the program. The world of health and fitness often includes misinformation and missing information, so we include this segment to help you be better informed with accurate and vital information. We’ll keep this segment short and sweet, but you’ll love knowing how you can continue to achieve for life!

2. A 10-minute Sensory Warm Up that will surprise you in its effectiveness. You will discover how powerful a warm-up that targets your brain can be for your training.

3. The Move Well segment. You will be moving your body, but will quickly discover that these precise movements are purposefully designed to give you a new level of mastery and new level of results. These joint mobilizations will be surprisingly challenging to do, and easy to dismiss as unimportant. Don’t underestimate them, nor how much they matter to your brain. You will quickly begin to believe this as you experience how effective they are for your body. Just so you know, we’ve helped the world’s best get better with the exact drills you’ll be doing.

4. The Balance Well segment. If you’ve never done balance training, you will enjoy how powerful and effective this training is. As you do more, you will begin to notice in daily life where the results show up. (Very likely in places you don’t expect and also in places you didn’t know your balance was that compromised.) You will always use a “Safe but Challenging” stance to keep you both protected and advancing. “Safe but challenging” is a concept you will learn about in the first session.

5. The See Well segment. The visual skills necessary for life go WAY beyond the classically perceived 20/20 “gold standard” of vision. Vision is a BIG priority for your brain as the pathway for most (some studies say as much as 90%) of the incoming information. As a new area of training for most participants, the incredible changes and results can be challenging to accept and understand, but they are powerful and quite real. You will find yourself wanting to do visual training for the rest of your life once you understand that vision is a skill!

6. Each 3 Pillars Training Session will have a wrap-up of questions and encouragement for training during the week until the next session. The tracking pages have spaces for putting a checkmark for each time you do each drill on each day. We encourage you to commit to claiming small moments during the day for short 3 Pillar training sessions. None of the drills individually take much time to do, and it would be a mistake to think that the drills are too small or time too short to be significant, this is a myth that we are determined to eliminate. You will see from assessing and re-assessing that turning “small” inputs into significant results is your brain’s specialty, so let’s use it!



Changes and Results. Those who complete the 3 Pillars Strong program, experience increased levels of skill and performance in any and all activities they do (Move Well), feel more stable and balanced (Balance Well), and have clearer vision and skill (See Well). Beyond that, participants reduce or eliminate pains, hit new PR’s, feel more capable moving and controlling their body, as well as being surprised by other positive changes.

The 3 Pillars Strong Training is designed to radically alter the Health & Fitness landscape in your favor.We are excited to have you, and the changes you have coming your way! Let’s get 3 Pillars Strong!

Z-Health 3 Pillars



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