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On December 5th, 2016 by Lynn Morales

Why does a Microbiome Matter to me?

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Why does a Microbiome Matter to me?

Microbiomes, a more recent discovery in scientific research, are showing us the importance of microbes in our body systems.  Microbes are those things you may think are pesky such as parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses.  A microbiome refers to the landscape balance between microbes on the inside lining of various body systems (neighborhoods); ocular, oral, gastrointestinal, urogenital, respiratory and skin.  Picture it’s like a neighborhood and you want all your neighbors to live in peace and harmony.  Imagine if you suffer from or have compromises in any of these body systems and what it might mean to you if science actually could now explain a long term immune support deficiency in allowing your body’s own innate wisdom to address imbalances.

The microbes live in the body surfaces or environments mentioned above.  But, we should actually like these.  They can help balance our body systems. But so many chemicals, anti-bacterial etc. attacks on these critters have caused them to turn unfriendly.  This can lead to an imbalance in our immune system which allows dis-ease or disharmony to affect our body.  That is why chemical free products (like Thieves Household Cleaner) are so important for cleaning etc.

The microbiome plays a powerful role in our health.  Each person has a unique microbiome that is impacted by your own environment whether physical or emotional.  The microbiome communicates with the cells in their neighborhood.  This could be between immune system cells, endocrine cells, nervous system cells etc.  This neighborhood talk then gets communicated to the brain.  This is when brain function and emotions can get majorly impacted.  The microbes also talk amongst themselves.

Healthy microbiomes help our immune systems be strong.  They help to make friendly microbes to help fight threats.  It is these that help lower reactions such as allergies and intolerances that could lead to inflammation.  Where there is inflammation in the body, there is pain.  These good guys support the immune system to help keep the bad bugs away.

So what does this mean to you?  If you have chronic or acute illness with the various body systems mentioned above as microbiome categories, there is a good chance that you would benefit from having your microbiome balance evaluated.  The good news is that you have the opportunity to support your immune system with this new found scientific research.  

Find out how BodyTalk can help you strengthen and balance these microbiomes so you can live more in harmony with the critters designed to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

On July 24th, 2012 by Lynn Morales

Pediatricians Say: Stop Treating Fevers

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should think twice before treating their kids every time they have a fever.  This is good news because a fever may be helping your child fight a virus and most viruses in kids will run its course without treatment.   Giving your child antibiotics is useless against viruses and can have side effects.

A fever is usually caused by an infection from a virus or bacteria.  A more natural way to help fight your child’s virus is with CONGAPLEX made by Standard Process.  Standard Process provides high quality dietary supplements to improve the quality of life.  CONGAPLEX has whole nutritional complexes of the real plant base vitamins A, C, and P (bioflavonoids) – the main cold, flu, and infection fighters, and CALCIUM LACTATE. Calcium is needed to fight infection, and it is naturally anti-fever to help keep your child comfortable while fighting viruses.

Using a technique called BodyTalk with a trained practitioner can help re-establishes lines of communication within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria, and day-today stresses that can break down the immune system.  BodyTalk Access, a set of techniques you can learn in one day, is a simple, effective, and non-invasive method that makes use of the body’s innate healing powers.  Communication is restored among all the parts of the body, then reinforced by light tapping on the head and chest.

If your child gets a virus and runs a fever, keep your child’s room cool and comfortable, give your child plenty of liquids, and try a natural, anti-colds and flu remedy before giving your child antibiotic medicine.  The best news is that this natural remedy may help your child have fewer colds and viruses year round.

To learn more about Standard Process or to schedule your BodyTalk appointment, contact Lynn today!

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