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On May 3rd, 2018 by Access Complete Wellness

Wholetones Healing Music

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Wholetones Healing Music

Wholetones Healing Music

The Healing Frequency Music Project was created to promote positive, healthy change. Seven unique songs recorded in seven unique frequencies on seven CDs results in 2.5 hours of beautiful, transformational music. Listeners say that WHOLETONES Healing Music facilitates restorative sleep and brings a tangible sense of peace that permeates their home. Entrepreneurs have reported increased focus and productivity, leading to breakthrough ideas. Artists, musicians and writers are experiencing heightened levels of creativity and vision. Each song is written and performed exclusively by world-class musicians… using state-of-the-art equipment, and recorded in a professional studio… using ONLY the ancient healing frequencies. You won’t hear this music anywhere else on earth Learn more about Wholetones™…

Works great for people AND pets!

The power of Wholetones™ comes in 7 unique, 22-minute tracks, each shown to help its own set of health and wellness issues… Relieve Stress… Promote Healing… Break Negative Cycles… and Restore Sound Sleep… in Minutes:

  • Open Door (396Hz) – This beautiful piece literally opens you up to receive the healing. Supports blood, liver function, bones, brain health and kidney function.
  • Desert Sojourn (417Hz) – Increased energy has been reported as well as productivity and creativity… supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
  • The Key of David (444Hz) – The master key with multiple health benefits. Establishes peace amid chaos. Hint – listen to this when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Transformation (528Hz) – Restores your sound, peaceful sleep… balances your hormones, and gently soothes your muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations.
  • The Bridge (639Hz) – Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
  • Great Awakening (741Hz) – Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing. Become aware of your spirit within while gently cleansing your immune system.
  • The Majestic (852Hz) – Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings. Join us in sharing His love for humankind and those who await his grand return.

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On April 27th, 2014 by Lynn Morales

Chronic Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and Anxiety, It's Your Choice

What can eat at your nervous system, break down your adrenal glands, hyper-stimulate your pancreas, which causes erratic up and down blood sugar swings, cause sleep deprivation, and eventually destroy relationships?  You guessed it – chronic stress and anxiety.

It is nearly impossible to do anything about stress and anxiety until you identify and address the cause of the problem.  It could be family, job, marriage, social problems, health or a

multitude of other issues.    While you are working out the cause of stress and anxiety you must take action to keep it in check.  Prescription drugs should be a last resort.

Chronic stress and anxiety breaks down the adrenal/pancreas function.  Your body is constantly bombarded with adrenalin, making you more nervous and tense.  The adrenalin attack signals your pancreas into an on and off syndrome of hyper-secreting insulin, followed by a temporary shutdown. This wreaks havoc on the blood sugar levels pushing you from hypoglycemia with all its symptoms to a diabetic state, back and forth, over and over.  this may also be the reason one will gain wait around the middle that they just can’t seem to lose.

The only real answer is to turn off this syndrome at the cause but if you can’t do that immediately, you can ease the effects with nutrition to supplement the glands most affected.  Standard Process has products to support the adrenal glands, pancreas, and heart.  The natural anti-stress product Drenamin, a mineral tranquilizer Min-Tran, and heart destressor Cataplex G.  Also add Blue Ice™ High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil daily as brain food.

Sleep is imperative – try two natural anti-insomnia products Catalyn and Min-Tran and don’t forget to exercise - cardio and weightlifting are best.  Hard exercise is a natural destressor.  In addition to exercise, practice meditation or deep breathing – nothing calms things down like a few deep cleansing breaths.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  One other effective technique is the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Technique.

The worse thing to do with chronic stress and anxiety is nothing.  After a long day, you owe it to your mind and body to give it the rest it deserves.  To order the products listed above contact me.


On July 3rd, 2012 by Lynn Morales

31 Inexpensive, Uncomplicated, Simple Things You Can Do Today to Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

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busy-lifeI recently read an article in HealthKeepers Magazine giving 31 simple things we can do to relieve stress.  Life is busy for most of us.  We wear many hats and have lots of responsibilities that at the end of the day we feel tired and stressed.  Don’t let life overwhelm you.  Take control and relieve stress with these 31 simple things.

  1.  Smile.  It makes you feel good and it’s contagious.  Smile at someone and they’ll smile back.
  2. Breathe.  Take five, slow, deep cleansing breaths and empty your mind of worrisome thoughts.
  3. Stand up and stretch.
  4. Speak kindly to yourself.  Self-talk has tremendous power.  Treat yourself with the respect and love you give to others.
  5. Take frequent breaks.  Working on a big project?  You’ll be sharper and smarter if you take a break to replenish your mind and body.
  6. Sit.  Be silent.  In today’s noisy world, silence is a luxury.
  7. Listen to your favorite music.  Sing along.  Loudly.
  8. Walk. Get your blood pumping and release endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals.
  9. Dance.  Go ahead.  No one’s looking and it feels good to move to the music.
  10. Take a relaxing bath or shower.
  11. Connect with nature.  Go cloud watching.  Watch a sunset.  Gaze at the stars.
  12. Watch a feel good movie.
  13. Eat well.  A high nutrient diet fuels your body and stabilizes your moods.
  14. Cook.  Prepare a sumptuous home-cooked meal.
  15. Write.  Release your thoughts into your own personal journal.
  16. De-clutter.  It will create calm in your busy environment.
  17. Hug a loved one. This releases serotonin, the happy hormone.
  18. Sleep.  Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and uncluttered.
  19. Change your bed sheets and pillowcases, then lie on your bed and enjoy the fresh, clean feeling.
  20. Play.  Spend time with your children, grandchildren, younger sibling, your baby nephew or niece.  See the world through their eyes.
  21. Spend time with your pet.  In their world, there is no past or future.  There is only now.
  22. Read a book.  If you don’t have anything good on your shelf, go to the library or a local bookstore.
  23. Learn a skill for your personal pleasure.  Like to keep your hands busy?  Take up knitting, weaving or jewelry making.  Do scrapbooking.  Learn magic tricks.  If you’re artistic, draw, paint or sculpt.  If you’re crafty, make things for your home.  Learn to play an instrument.
  24. Release your frustrations.  Let it all out in a safe way. Punch a punching bag.  Yell into a pillow.  Have a good cry.
  25. Reminisce.  Take out your memory box or old photo albums and recall the good moments in your life.
  26. Spend some quality time with your loved ones.  Invite friends or family over for a potluck dinner.  Play board games, watch a DVD marathon or simply talk and have a stimulating conversation.
  27. Turn off the TV. Refuse to watch negative programs that leave you feeling down.
  28. Reconnect with old friends relatives.  Call, email or drop a note recalling the good times you’ve enjoyed together.
  29. Create good smells.  Aromas elicit dramatic changes in your emotional state and cause you to think back to a person, place or time when you first experienced a particular smell.
  30. Take pictures.  Pull out your camera and take pictures around the house.  Have fun with macro shots or experiment with angles.
  31. Count your blessings. Every day, more things go right than wrong. Focus on what’s going right in your life.

HealthKeepers Magazine December 2011

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