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On November 1st, 2010 by Lynn Morales

Muscle Cramps

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By Dr. Bruce West

“I can’t afford to cramp up at bedtime. And if you’ve ever gone through “ramrod” leg cramps that are so powerful they can rupture blood vessels, you know what I’m talking about.” Health Alert, Vol. 26, No.11

Basically, the only medical treatment for muscle cramps is quinine. But it is discouraged because it is only slightly effective, and it carries side effects. So when you ask your physician for advice on how to treat muscle cramps, the honest answer is that medicine has no good answer. This leaves thousands of people, men in particular, cramped up in agonizing pain on a regular basis.

The truth is that there is a wonderful answer for people with muscle cramps. Unfortunately, not one physician in 10,000 knows about it. I learned it decades ago from a wise, old-time osteopath. And because I am still an athlete, though no longer an elite athlete, I use it personally all the time. Over the years many elite athletes have found their way to me. And with the same therapy that I prescribe for myself, my family, my other patients, and for you, I have helped save many an athlete’s career.

If you suffer from chronic muscle or leg cramps, you need to know that to end this agony your body needs adequate calcium, plus an adequate calcium delivery system that gets the calcium to your muscles. Taking crushed rock or shells (typical calcium supplements) will not suffice because most of this is not digested and, therefore, it is not assimilated and delivered to the muscles that need it.

So for starters, you need the most digestible and absorbable calcium supplement-calcium lactate. This calcium is made from vegetables, not crushed rock or shells. Next, you need adequate stomach acid to absorb calcium. So chronic use of antacids and acid blockers can lead to muscle cramps by stopping or sopping up the stomach acid needed to absorb calcium.

Finally calcium mobilization requires that calcium be delivered to the muscles that need it to prevent and stop cramps. The calcium mobilization system in your body requires omega-3 fatty acids and iodine, and involves your thyroid gland and liver. For this reason, taking calcium alone without the fatty acids and iodine will usually not get the calcium to your muscles in adequate amounts to stop and prevent muscle cramps.

The Calcium Mobilization Team

To stop muscle cramps, you need to get calcium from your diet to your muscles. This requires adequate stomach acid for digestion, the most absorbable calcium supplement, adequate omega-3 fatty acids and iodine, and adequate thyroid and liver function. Enter the calcium mobilization team of nutrients…

The most absorbable form of calcium supplement is Calcium Lactate from Standard Process. Made from vegetables (not crushed rock), this supplement also contains magnesium citrate, which is slightly acid, aiding in the digestive process.

The calcium mobilizer is Cataplex F by Standard Process. This is a nutritional complex that contains vitamin F (omega-3 fatty acids), iodine, and a liver extract. It is a fuel for your thyroid gland and provides liver support. But it is most critical for muscle-cramp sufferers because it is the combination of nutrients and phytochemicals that make up the nutritional complex that I like to call the calcium mobilizer. The calcium mobilizer supplies what your body needs to mobilize calcium out of your blood and into your muscles. And that is the definition of a muscle cramp cure.

For all these reasons, I am never without these two nutritional complexes. When I play sports in the sun (which makes a muscle calcium deficiency worse), I always have a bottle filled with Calcium Lactate and Cataplex F in my bag. I take 6-9 Calcium Lactate and 4-6 Cataplex F before, during and after competing. And if I really work my muscles hard (which is now pretty easy at my age), I will take another dose at bedtime for insurance.

If I forget my supplements during any tough workout or competition, and pay the price with a severe leg cramp, I immediately take 10-15 Calcium Lactate with 6-9 Cataplex F and try to lie down. Within an hour the problem is resolved. For the average sufferer, these kinds of cramps and their agonizing pain can last all night. And this can happen over and over for years, or even a person’s whole life. This is because the honest medical answer to muscle cramps is that there is no honest medical answer.

So use the calcium mobilization system for your own muscle cramps. Remarkably, this same protocol is also the treatment for kids with fevers, and for people with restless leg syndrome. If toddlers or children spike a fever, before you panic, crush up 6 tablets of Calcium Lactate and 3 tablets of Cataplex F in a seed or coffee grinder and put them in apple sauce. You will be amazed at how providing adequate calcium to the cells and tissues is the natural anti-fever protocol.

For restless legs, use the same protocol and experiment with the dose. Most people use 6 tablets of Calcium Lactate and 3 tablets of Cataplex F, taken 2-3 times daily. Some folks need a dose at bedtime. And some folks need an even higher dose, especially in the beginning or if they are using antacids. Fast, inexpensive, safe, and effective-this protocol, if used by everyone, would save millions of dollars, millions of hours of lost work time, untold numbers of wasted doctor and hospital visits, and inestimable amounts of agony and suffering.


For more information on this subject and /or on the Standard Process products mentioned in this article please contact Lynn Morales ND

On October 16th, 2010 by Lynn Morales

Adult Vaccinations

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By Dr. Bruce

West Drug companies want you vaccinated. And they are pushing for mandatory vaccines for adults, standing orders for doctors and hospitals, reminders in medical records, feedback from doctors on their patients’ vaccination rates, and more, to keep the vaccines flowing. According to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, if you are an American adult, you need:

  • A regular flu vaccine every year (sometimes two) • A regular pneumonia vaccine
  • A regular diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (Td/Tdap) vaccine
  • Hepatitis A and B (3 shots for hepatitis B) vaccines
  • Two shots for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine
  • Chicken pox vaccine • Meningococcus vaccine
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) if you are woman
  • Herpes zoster (shingles)

Wow! After missing a dozen shots on a regular basis annually for most of my adult life, and almost all shots as a kid, I guess I am really lucky to be alive.

Oh, and while we are at useless medical shots, practices, and scams, the H1N1 (swine) flu pandemic-the only disease in medical history ever rated a level 6 worldwide pandemic and predicted to kill millions-actually killed, according to the Center of Disease Control, fewer than 12,000 Americans this flu season. And many of these people were vaccinated! This startling number is less than one-third the fatalities in a normal flu year! Yet another medical debacle. This was a scam to make money from the start.

On July 1st, 2010 by Lynn Morales

Laughter... Real Medicine

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by Val Ge

The power of laughter as real medicine is often undervalued. If you consider the benefits of laughter, it should be everyone’s top priority as a healing tool because of the many positive qualities. Consider this-it doesn’t cost a cent; it can be self-prescribed and self-administered; it can be used any time, almost anywhere; and it has no adverse side effects. More importantly, it makes you feel good about yourself and the people around you.

Here’s a wonderful story that illustrates the healing power of laughter. A minister was in the hospital recuperating from a serious accident. It became a routine that when his pain was too much he rang a buzzer and a nurse would come and give him a shot. On this particular day, he rang for the nurse, rolled on his side with his back to the door, prepared for the shot. On hearing the door open, he pointed to his backside and said, “I’m ready!” After a few moments of uncomfortable silence he looked over his should to see a couple from his church standing there aghast! Totally embarrassed they had a brief conversation and left. The minister, realizing what he had done, began laughing and he could not stop. He laughed until tears ran down his face. When the nurse arrived to administer the pain medication, he laughed even harder trying to explain what happened. Finally, after he told the nurse the whole story he realized his pain was gone. He didn’t need pain medication for another two hours.

What does laughter do to your body? It triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and produces a general sense of well-being, which is what happened to our minister in the hospital.

Laughter can have a placebo affect; your body doesn’t know the difference between simulated laughter and real laughter. As long as you are laughing, you are producing the same “happy” body chemistry and powerfully boosting your immune system whether your laughter is genuine or forced. Studies on the effects of laughter show that it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, increases muscle flexion, raises levels of infection-fighting T-cells and produces disease-destroying antibodies. Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, Bernie Siegel, M.D, said it best, “The simple truth is that happy people generally don’t get sick. Laughter can always remove fear and anxiety, no matter what the situation. You cannot suffer when you are laughing. The two just can’t be experienced together. It has to be one or the other, and joy always overcomes fear. Love creates, but laughter is the cement that holds our lives together.”

How does a person laugh when there seems to be nothing to laugh about or no one is around to make a joke or share a funny thought? Thankfully, there are many laughter exercises created to help stimulate laughter. Many of them have been devised by the proliferation of ‘Laughter Clubs’ springing up all over the globe. The first Laughter Yoga Club was started in 1995 in Mumbai, India. It began with just five people in a local public park, but the concept rapidly spread worldwide and as of 2009 there are more than 6,000 laughter clubs in 60 countries. The conscious practice of laughter created by these clubs is being used in companies and corporations, on cruise ships, in fitness centers, yoga studios, senior centers, schools, colleges, prisons, universities, self-help cancer groups and for the physically and mentally challenged. “Most of our happiness depends on our disposition not on circumstances” – Martha Washington.

English comedian John Cleese went to India to do research on this phenomenon as part of a BBC documentary about the human face. He visited a prison in Mumbai where he witnessed prisoners going through a range of laughter exercises. Prison officials found that laughter diminished the prisoner’s feelings of anger and depression. Cleese said, “Laughter connects people, no matter what the language. Laughter created positive changes in prisoner attitude, better prisoner-staff relations and reduced violence.”

If you want to have a good laugh you can always join a Laughter Club, or try some of these favorite laughter exercises on your own.

  • Laughter cream: Rub your hands together rapidly for a few seconds until you start feeling some heat. You are preparing some powerful and healing laughter cream. When ready, apply the cream all over you and laugh as you do so!
  • Find your laughter center: Probe your head with one finger as if looking for your laughter center. Imagine that each spot you push on triggers a different laughter sound.
  • Motorboat (or lawnmower) laughter: Start an old gas engine lawnmower. Put one foot on the machine to hold it still, grab the pull cord and crank it in 4 powerful laughs. Move around and keep laughing once your engine is started. Ready? Go! HA! – HA HA! – HA HA HA! – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

Doing any of these exercises will change your breathing pattern, which affects your state of mind. The breathing patterns of people under stress become faster, shallow and irregular. Stressed people often hold their breath, which triggers the build up of carbon dioxide in the blood and creates a toxic environment in the body. Laughter shifts the breathing pattern from shallow to deep diaphragmatic breathing; it brings oxygen-rich air to the lungs and prevents the stress arousal system from being triggered. Focusing awareness on your breath will keep you in the present moment, as both breathing and laugher are activities that can only be performed in the present, it’s impossible to breathe in the past or future.

One of the best ways to find laughter is to want to find it. Look for the funny side of situations, because there always is one. Don’t take yourself too seriously and let go of having to be right in every encounter. I know a couple that regularly fight over how they load the dishwasher and how they shop for groceries; he buys generic brands, she loves brand names. It’s a power struggle. Imagine if either one of these powerful individuals decided to have a goal of making the other one laugh? Their entire relationship would change. When my husband and I go grocery shopping, we toss things at each other; an apple, an orange, a roll of paper towels; people look at us as if we’re crazy, but they also smile.

Laughter is an on-going pursuit. A while ago my husband, Jeff, and I realized that we were bickering. We wanted to have a simple reminder to wake up and stop arguing. We decided that if one of us put our forefinger and thumb together, made a circle, and put it up to our eye, the other person had to do the same. And even though sometimes the ego just doesn’t want to let go of the argument, we both did it. What we found was remarkable; it’s impossible not to laugh when you’re looking at another human begin through a circle of fingers!

However you decide to bring laughter into your life, make a commitment to do it for your health and well-being. You’ll soon realize that the more you laugh, the more you’ll find things to laugh about.

Laughter is real medicine that makes your life fun and creates positive energy. What can it hurt? Nothing. What can it help? Just about everything. Try it. You’ll like it!

On May 24th, 2010 by Lynn Morales

May 2010

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Healthy Choices Herald

May 2010

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Food For Thought

Heal Cavities in Kids - by: Dr. Bruce West

Appendicitis: Lessons from a Mexican Surgery- by: Dr. Bruce West

Why Natural Birth is Best - By Kathy Voigtsberger

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Food for Thought...

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. " - Dr. Seuss


Health Alert

Heal Cavities in Kids

by Dr. Bruce West

I know for sure that adults can tighten loose teeth with live bone supplements and exercise. I’ve done this hundreds of times with patients, using Bio-Dent from Standard Process (12 daily) plus three to four days a week of exercise. But can you heal holes (cavities) in your kids’ teeth with the same product? For some kids, the answer is yes.

Teeth are living tissue-just ask your dentist. And the support for living boney tissue, such as your skeleton and teeth, is raw, biologically active (with active enzymes) bone powder. This bone powder is made from the ground spine and ribs of veal. The powder is then dried in a sigmoid dryer with the addition of defatted wheat germ to absorb the grease but leaves the marrow nutrition intact. The end result is Calcifood Powder, which makes up the bulk of product Bio-Dent. Bio-Dent is cold-processed, biologically active, raw bone with calcium, manganese, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and more-perfect for building strong bones and teeth. It is the only live-bone product I have ever found.

Over the years we have noticed that a daily supply of Bio-Dent can actually heal and seal up holes in children’s teeth. It often happens quickly-within a few weeks. We have many reports from parents who have experienced the same thing with their children. It all proves that teeth are indeed living tissue, capable of healing.

We also see that standard bone meal is useless, with nothing digestible left in it after manufacturing. The manufacturers of standard bone meal take bones, boil them for two to three weeks to remove anything soluble, then dry the remaining juice and sell it as gelatin. The bones that are left are ground up into powder and sold as bone meal. But there is nothing soluble or of any nutritional value left in the bones. The powder is difficult or impossible to digest. And it generally fails even as a fertilizer.

So if you want to build strong bones, think Calcifood. If you want to build strong teeth-and even try to heal teeth-think Bio-Dent. Try having kids chew up 6-12 Bio-Dent daily for a month or two to see if a cavity heals. If the kids can’t chew them, grind them into a powder. Just as we can often tighten loose teeth in adults you can often heal cavities in your kids or grandkids by using Bio-Dent.

If your children have active cavities with bacteria digging holes in their teeth, you may need to add Congaplex (3-4 daily, or 3-6 chewable for the little kids and tots). Congaplex is calcium lactate, a thymus gland extract, and vitamins A, C, and bioflavonoids. This combination is capable of bolstering the immune system so that your kids can fight bacterial infiltration in their teeth. When combined with Bio-Dent, it is the strongest teeth-healing nutrition available.

Naturally Bio-Dent is the product of choice to help your children grow up with strong teeth and prevent cavities. Preventing cavities-what a concept!

For information on the supplements referenced above, contact us.



by: Bruce West

A couple of years ago my wife (a surgical nurse) came down with appendicitis-in a very remote area of Mexico! We had to get to a clinic quickly, and drove for several hours to the nearest town. We cautiously checked into a clinic, signing one single, short, simple form. We went through diagnostics, including ultra sound. After hours of agonizing over just what to do, we knew that the appendix had to come out.

The surgeon was first-rate. He was assisted by another surgeon. And the anesthesiologist was “the best I had ever seen,” according to my wife-who has worked with dozens. In 25 minutes the surgery was over, the appendix was out, and my wife was resting comfortably. Literally 75% of the things necessary in an American surgery were not necessary in Mexico-simply because they are redundant, overkill procedures, often needed only to protect the surgeon or hospital from lawsuits.

After the surgery there were no empty private rooms, so the friendly folks at the clinic simply rolled out a surgery bed for me to sleep on-right next to my wife in recovery. The next day we were on our way. But not before paying the bill, which was one-eighth the cost of the same surgery in the United States.

Now my wife has barely a scar-attesting to the skills of the surgeon. And even though we speak Spanish, the people at the clinic were all fluent in English. We made the right decision, and perhaps we were lucky. But examination of the entire procedure clearly shows just how and why the American health care system and Medicare are broke.

Our whole system, especially hospitalization and surgery, is glutted, bloated, and loaded down with unnecessary procedures, drugs, and paperwork. I signed one short form in Mexico! When we left, I gave them a credit card and the whole thing was history. The skill level was the same as in the U.S. The equipment was top notch. But everything was just more simple, more real, and more caring and friendly.

I don’t know the answer for our broken health care system. Obviously, I have lots of strong opinions. But our experience in Mexico shined a bright light on some of the things that are wrong with our super high-tech, overly defensive, and grossly complicated world of hospital surgery.


Why Natural Birth is Best

by: Kathy Voigtsberger, CD(DONA), AAHCC, Certified Birth Doula and Bradley Method® Educator

My birthing philosophy is basically that most of the time, birth takes place when the baby is ready to be born. God created our bodies especially to birth and he did not leave one detail out. The baby gives the signal through the release of hormones which triggers the mother to start labor. Waiting patiently for this to happen is the best way to have a baby born without medical interference.

Labor is manageable through relaxation. This requires calm support from someone trained in labor support and concentration on the mother's part. Remaining relaxed, allows your body to do what it was designed to do to get the baby out safely. When you need medical help, you are glad it is available. Walking, changing positions, massage, a bath or shower, counter-pressure, acupressure, and soft music are all ways that you can deal with labor more comfortably.

One important point to consider: When you are pregnant, the doctor does not even like for you to take Tylenol very often. Why in labor do they often want to give you drugs that they would never consider safe for you to take during pregnancy? Clearly, there is a reason why you do not take drugs during pregnancy--it is not safe for the baby! During labor, the baby is also safer without any drugs. Their little body is usually 20 times smaller than yours. If you are dosed with the drug according to MOTHER'S body weight, the baby is getting MUCH more than his body should have. Babies born where the mother has not had any drugs are much more alert than those who have had drugs. They breastfeed more easily which helps prevent jaundice and gets them off to a good start in life.

Having a doula to support you and your husband emotionally and physically is helpful to achieve a natural, drug-free labor. Please remember, a doula will not provide a pain-free labor. She will help provide the comfort you need to make labor manageable.

Before you go into labor, we will meet to go over comfort measures and some exercises you can practice before labor, along with nutritional advice. This appointment will last several hours. I am also available to help you by phone and email any time. I will also accompany you to an appointment with your care provider when you present your birth plan.

As soon as you know you are in labor and need help, I will come to your home to help you through contractions before it is time to go to the hospital. While at the hospital or other birth place, I will remain with you throughout labor, no matter how long it takes to have your baby. I will remain with you to help with breastfeeding after your birth.

There are many ways a doula will help you to be supported before and during and after labor that will help you remember this life - changing experience in a positive way your whole life. You will indeed remember this experience for the rest of your life--my goal as your doula is to make it the best memory possible. The name of my practice is "Whole Heart Birth Experience." I work with you with my whole heart to serve each and every client.

Women who hire a doula report greater satisfaction with their birth experience and feel closer to their baby when a doula is present. Also, studies show that women who have a doula report shorter labors, fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

Information taken in part from and


BodyTalk Access Training

Body Talk Access is body and mind balancing for health maintenance and management of daily health challenges; including improving performance, reducing stress, strengthening immune and physiological function.

You will learn five body balancing techniques plus an invaluable technique to use in health emergencies.

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Class Details:

  • Saturday, August 14, 2010
  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Q&A time -5:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
  • $115 adult (includes manual) Course #112011
  • $45 ages 12 – 18 (additional manual may be purchased for $15 if parent already is enrolled and receiving manual.) Course #112013
  • The class will be held at: The Tom Muehlenbeck Center, 5801 W. Parker Road, Plano, TX 76093
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