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On June 5th, 2012 by Lynn Morales

Banish Fatigue, Enhance Gratitude and Take Response-ability Part II

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Recently, I read an article by Jayme Hirashiki on banishing fatigue, enhancing gratitude and taking response-ability.  I shared with you Part I last month.  Now let’s continue with Part II and learn how to banish fatigue, enhance your gratitude and take response-ability for a better life by following these six steps.

By Jayme Hirashiki

20091216-happy-woman-290x218Step One:  Create a space.  Your home can become your haven.  Find an area in or around your home to create a sanctuary.  Use this as your escape from the outside world.  Dedicate this area to your emotional and spiritual safety.  Ask your family to respect your space and to honor your need for privacy.  In this place, disconnect the cell phone and access to the Internet.  Make it comfortable and comforting.  Light candles, add soothing music or make it completely quiet.  It is your sacred space to visit daily.

Step Two:  Keep a handwritten journal.  Write about three to six things you have appreciated during your day.  Doing this helps you value the best in people and situations.  Regular journaling helps you focus and respond with clarity to meaningful events.  It’s important to keep your mind actively alert to the positive events of your life.  This reduces the worry that fuels anxiety and makes it difficult to relax.

Step Three:  Practice gratefulness.  Research reveals that the daily exercise of being grateful improves a person’s sense of well being and overall happiness.  Both men and women who regularly practice this report they have more energy, are more optimistic and develop restful sleep patterns.  Other studies demonstrate that individuals who keep track of what they appreciate each day tend to live longer and suffer with less illness during their lifetime.

Step Four:  Record synchronistic events.  People who live in the holiness of the moment will always look for the potential of whatever that moment might bring-big or small.  Recognize and count your blessings and notice simple pleasures.  This develops your capacity to be more connected to something greater.

Step Five:  Correct nutritional deficiencies.  They often occur when you’ve been under periods of prolonged stress.  Consider getting a blood test to determine any deficiencies and then do something about it.  Ask your health care professional to help you select a diet plan and choose the right supplements.  Research the benefits of vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and Co Enzyme Q10.  You are unique, so remember, one size does not fit all and nothing stays the same.  Your nutritional needs will vary.  With help, you can find the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants blends that prove the best support for your good health.

Step Six:  Be grateful for all the past lessons in your life.  Know that all things come to pass but they don’t come to stay.  Difficult cycles come to an end.  New cycles begin.  Move forward and don’t look back.  Each day brings fresh possibilities for renewal, prosperity and wellness.  Today just might be the day you do the things you’ve put off or gotten too comfortable to try.  Step into this moment.  It’s yours for the taking.

HealthKeepers Magazine December 2011

On May 8th, 2012 by Lynn Morales

Banish Fatigue, Enhance Gratitude and Take Response-ability Part I

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Recently, I read an article by Jayme Hirashiki on banishing fatigue, enhancing gratitude and taking response-ability.  This is what he said and I agree that we should take responsibility for eliminating the things that drain us and focus on what will help us live a better life.

By Jayme Hirashiki

20091216-happy-woman-290x218Today, the world moves at warp speed and the mind-body connection is often tested for its durability, especially when multi-tasking a number of assignments.  How often have you heard someone say they’re running a few minutes behind?  Does it feel like the faster you go, the behind-er you get?

In our technology driven world we daily interface with cell phones, smart phones, text messaging, Twitter, computers, the Internet, fax machines, television, radio-all competing for your attention.  All this before you consider the people in your life.  Picture yourself as a modern day juggler with a number of balls in the air at one time. Drop one, and your tightly scheduled day can go awry.  Drop several, and you invite a downward spiral that affects your sense of well-being and sanity.

Is this the way you want to live?  Of course not. And you don’t have to.  Here are some amazingly simple and effective steps you can take to banish fatigue, enhance your gratitude and take response-ability for a better life.

Avoid Negativity:  If you want to develop loving relationships and explore new possibilities, you should plan to stay optimally healthy and eliminate the negatives.  Negativity is like a slow-release poison that drains your energy and creates a non-specific fatigue that diminishes your ability to enjoy life.  Negativity requires nourishment to develop and grow so don’t feed it.  Remove your focus from negative things, be it in the news, in your work or in your home environment.  Refuse to participate with people who foster it.  Instead, place your attention on doing one kind deed for another person every day, without asking for reward.

Cultivate Gratitude:  The mind is a powerful entity and often modulates whatever goes on in the body.  Cultivating gratitude and the habit of looking on the “bright side” becomes a healthful way to manage stress and enhance mind-body health.  More now than ever, we must protect the brain and nervous system against its own primitive instinct to “fight or flight.”  From the dawn of man, our bodies have been genetically programmed to automatically attack or flee from perceived threats.  In these modern times, mental and emotional stressors can still flip the Paleolithic survivor switch.  However, you can override it by building an internal sense of well being.  You do this by cultivating a real sense of gratitude.

Recognize and Stop Brain Burn-out:  For many people, prolonged tension turns into anxiety and is experienced as “burn-out”.  Outward symptoms of burnout may include fatigue, moodiness, depression, low libido, food cravings, skin rashes, indigestion, memory loss, difficulty in sleeping and other physical disturbances.  On a physiological level, this means your endocrine system is confused by the emotional and mental messages it’s receiving.  The body’s circadian rhythms and hormone levels rise too high and fall too low.  The mind is particularly vulnerable to this kind of unhealthy metabolism.  Left unchecked, hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances can also lead to premature aging of the brain.  If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, be kind to yourself and focus on eliminating the cause.

Adopt New Habits:  Do some research or seek the advice of a qualified health professional to develop new lifestyle approaches.  Learn to adopt new positive habits to replace old negative ones.  The best cure for the ills of modern day stressors is not just medicating.  Discover ways to replenish your mind, body and spirit.  The best plans are multi-fold and include eating a variety of the right foods, getting plenty of restful sleep, making time for regular daily exercise and changing unproductive mental thought patterns.

Consult your health care professional to advise you on how to use vitamin and mineral supplementation effectively, to use specific nutrients like a vitamin B complex.  Effective strategies include eating an anti-inflammatory whole food diet, incorporating fermented foods and/or probiotics, taking vegetarian nut-based omega-3 fats and including vitamin B12 and D particularly during cold weather.

Take Response-ability:  What’s that?  It’s the ability to respond to the world in such a way that you maximize your capacity to learn, to love, to enjoy and express yourself fully.  Response-ability is something you cultivate and is your greatest tool towards renewal and replenishment.  Remember, response-ability is something you do for yourself.  It’s what you practice in an unhurried manner with bold deliberation.

How do you do this?  In next month's article we will give you steps on how to banish fatigue, enhance your gratitude and take response-ability for a better life.

HealthKeepers Magazine December 2011

On May 14th, 2010 by Lynn Morales

Testimonials for Lynn

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"My daughter has dyslexia, so reading is a challenge for her. I asked Lynn to work on her for dyslexia at the beginning of the school year in hopes that it would make reading (and teaching reading) a bit easier. Since then I have noticed several major shifts in her reading. 
  • She used to only want to read books that had nice big letters, and only a few words on each page.  Now she doesn’t shy away from the smaller letters and will read books that have several paragraphs on each page.
  • She will read a story out loud without asking me to read every other page now.
  • She has taken the initiative to read the Bible on her own. She has read several chapters from Genesis – and the Bible that she is reading from has such teensy letters that I have to squint to read those words.
 Thanks for your help, Lynn!"


"I have been seeing Lynn for a few months now and have had great results! The very first visit there was an amazing change in my breathing! I was having a constant tightness in my chest thinking it was asthma or that being overweight was affecting it. Lynn informed me that it was emotional baggage from previous years. She worked on this issue using the Body Talk techniques and to my amazement, I haven't had a problem breathing since!

Body Talk has also been very helpful on a physical level. I was having a lot of neck and upper back pain when I first started seeing Lynn and that has basically been healed. I no longer have the tension in these areas. One day I was having terrible low back pain and didn't think I would be able to continue my workday. Thankfullly, Lynn happened to be where I work and took a few minutes to work my back. I was able to continue my day with little pain to the area!

I am very grateful to have found Lynn and would recommend her services to everyone I know! She is a true professional and an asset to a much needed healing practice."


“I completely trust Lynn’s skills regarding the Body Talk modality. I have experienced healing, a sense of well being, less fatigue and more energy after each session. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is especially gifted with a pleasing personality. Most of all she expects to provide results. You will appreciate the encounter.”

M. F.

"Body Talk is better than going to the doctor. It's amazing how this practice can help rewire ourselves to not only improve our health, but also improve our relationships. For me personally, it's helped my relationship with my sister. When I used to pick fights with her, now it seems like my reactions and way of talking to her have completely improved. Phobias that I've had have also been cleared. I didn't want to touch people or for people to touch me. With Body Talk this phobia has disappeared. Also, body talk has helped me to get over a relationship that kept coming back to mind often. I was able to put that person in my past where those thoughts no longer control me. These examples are the relationship benefits I have been able to experience and don't include the health aspect. I truly believe that stress and other factors have a direct effect on our lives to create cancer, tumors and more. Body talk is able to release those knots that exist, so that the energy can flow like it's supposed to and avoid these diseases. In a nutshell, I recommend Lynn Morales for your Body Talk sessions for greater health and wellbeing!!


“I had very high blood pressure, cholesterol and am a diabetic. Doctors tried several different medications to lower them but they didn’t work. I was tired of many years of medications not working so I went to Lynn. I was very skeptical at first but Lynn helped me after a few sessions of BodyTalk and it worked. I started feeling better and regaining my health, my blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are good. I highly recommend Lynn for her work and thank her.”


"My children and I have been BodyTalk clients of Lynn Morales for the past two years. She has always dealt with us in a professional and caring manor. Our journey of healing has been an incredible experience. I used to get stressed and uptight very easily. Just getting the kids to school often had me feeling frazzled. I no longer get stressed over small issues and am in general a lot calmer than I used to be. The tension that I used to get in my shoulders is a lot less. Both my son and daughter constantly went from one sinus infection to the next. This mainly would end up as ear infections and bronchitis. Since BodyTalk they have not been on any antibiotics in two years. They still do get allergies but it clears up quickly and it never develops to secondary infection. I had a pro-lapsed uterus and my OB Gyn wanted me to take strong medication daily to prevent it from getting worse. Through BodyTalk my uterus is now completely healed and I have no side effects. My OB Gyn confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my uterus. A huge relief for me is that I did not need to take any medication that could have been detrimental to me in other ways."


"Working with Lynn has changed my life. Emotional issues from the past as well as physical limitations have been cleared up and healed. I am experiencing new energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life. After dragging around for the past few years, tired and irritable, I can truly say that the work Lynn has done with me has helped more than any other healing modality I have experienced. Lynn’s wide and varied expertise is able to confront varying issues on many levels. I am proud to say I have found her and continue to refer friends and family who also find great relief and benefit. Thank you, Lynn!!"


I’m very excited! The session yesterday has already helped me with leading/managing the working group. I feel much better about the project! This morning, I was able to clearly think about/articulate what I wanted to put on the agenda and how to structure the meeting. I presented it to my boss and he liked the approach, and the couple suggestions/pointers he gave were helpful.


"Lynn's work has totally turned my life around. As a result of my sessions with her, I have gone from driving a 12 year old car my mechanic told me to get rid of to driving a car I never dreamed I could own much less pay for with cash. My money troubles are completely over. "

C. T


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