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On January 1st, 2018 by Lynn Morales

Are Toxic Chemicals Making You Fat?

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Are Toxic Chemicals Making You Fat?

Most people agree that toxins can easily be found in places like the landfill, chemical plants and a sewer system.  And since you are a normal person, you could not possibly be toxic because you don’t hang out in those areas on a regular basis, right?  But how many of you know that you can pick up toxins anywhere; from a food you have eaten to something you inhaled or something you put on your body like chemicals in your daily routine?  In fact, most women put over 80 chemicals on or in their body before they leave their home in the morning!  Soaps, deodorants, make-up, shampoos and conditioners just to name a few.  And some of the most common toxins impacting our bodies today can be found in our beloved coffee drinks!  Not saying coffee is toxic, just saying it is a common ingested item where some of my clients have found toxins that we needed to clear.

These chemicals get into your bloodstream and can cause harm to many different body systems from the respiratory system to the lymphatic system, the digestive system and on and on.  You might have experienced the obvious toxin when you ate a meal and found yourself ill after eating.  The toxin could be from any number of chemicals used to cook the foods like toxic oils, toxic cookware or even food grown using chemicals and fertilizers.  If you only eat organic, that is a great step to avoiding toxins.  However, beware, even organic farms may receive run-off from other farms and that is where a toxin could still be picked up.  

These chemicals may lock into different body parts, organs and especially the endocrine glands.  These glands are responsible for communicators that we call hormones.  They regulate thousands of body functions and especially the communication to the brain telling your body whether you are satisfied or whether you feel like you are starving even when you just ate!

What if your weight maintenance journey has been locked down by these chemicals or endocrine disruptors, in particular, one called an Obesogen?  Yep, that’s right.  A chemical you picked up without even knowing it can lock down your hormones and send improper signaling to the brain.  These can cause endocrine system disruptions, immune and nervous system damage, reproductive and developmental harm.  Did you know that sometimes it is not even about the toxins you were exposed to, but also the toxins your ancestors may have been exposed to that created an epigenetic marker and passed through to you?  Perhaps an ancestor from a war that was exposed to nerve gas or a pesticide chemical from farming. Could this be the reason your weight and metabolism have been off for years with little to no success?

How do know if you have a toxin?  Some signs may include feeling tired and fatigued, skin rashes, headaches, chronic mucous production, joint pain, a weakened immune system just to name a very small list.  This would be a clue.  Watch this Purification video to learn more about what kind of toxins you might be exposed to on a given day and the full list of impact to your body.

The great news is you may now know the reason for your list of symptoms.  Together, we can do something to address it through a Weight and Metabolism Body Scan.  In this process, we will be able to identify if you have any chemical toxicity impacting your success in achieving your proper weight and metabolism.  Just for fun, I am including a toxicity questionnaire that you can take and share with your friends.  Maybe even have a New Year’s Contest to see who has the greatest toxin load. Probably not the award you want for the new year, right?

To learn more about your toxin burden and to clean up your act follow these suggestions:

  1. Complete the Toxicity Questionnaire and fax (866-433-0007) or email to my office.
  2. Schedule your personal Weight and Metabolism Scan to make sure toxins did not shut down your communication pathways to your brain signaling inappropriate hunger.
  3. Complete the 21 Day Purification Program (On Sale now through January 31, 2018)
  4. Start reducing toxins in your home.  Learn more about:
    1. Toxin Free Household Cleaners
    2. Toxin Free Personal Care Products
    3. Toxin Free Make-up

These are just a few suggestions to help you clean up in the new year!  Contact my office for additional guidance through this process.  All of the above can be provided in person or long distance through video conferencing.  

Be sure to check out more educational videos on my YouTube Channel!

On March 27th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

Is your Environment Making you Ill? The Epigenetic Factor

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Is your environment, physical and/or emotional, impacting your health?

Epigenetics might be the answer

The latest in scientific research is identifying how environmental factors can modify how our genes are expressed. The study of this is known as epigenetics. Let's be sure not to confuse genetics with epigenetics.

Psychobiologist, Robert Lickliter, PhD. wrote: The study of epigenetics is …

  1. How gene expression changes during cell differentiation  AND...
  2. How environmental factors can modify how our genes are expressed

Genetics are an inherited predisposition from our biological ancestors.   They represent the master blueprint, are stable and identical in every cell of the body.  Genetics are IN the genetic code and carry on our traits through generations.  It's what our parents and other ancestors pass on to us.

Epigenetics shows incredible adaptability, flexibility, and is very much impacted by lifestyle. How our daily life experiences, stressors, active memories and biochemical priorities influence our health. Not just our health, but the health of our great-great-grandchildren!

Epigenetics are ON the genetic code and can be turned on and off like a light switch for lack of a better term.  And for those of you wondering how this works if you were adopted, even your parents that adopted you had the opportunity to influence your epigenetics through the environment in which you were raised.

Our physiology can get locked into imbalance. It's similar to when a client says to me “...and once that happened, this problem started and never went away.”  What are Epigenetic locks you might be asking? Epigenetic locks look like the following:

  • Diet deficiencies or bad habits
  • Seasonal correlation concerns
  • Disease exposure
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Drugs or abuse
  • Financial status
  • Exercise deficiencies
  • Microbiome imbalances (see prior blogs on microbiome)
  • Therapeutic drugs
  • Alternative medicine
  • Social interactions
  • Psychological state

What does an imbalance look like in the body? It looks like dis-ease or disharmony.  Any disease is possible, but consider this statistic.

NCI breast cancer statistics indicate that genetics have 5-10% to do with creating the disease in the body, but 90-95% is actually created by your epigenetic makeup.

This is an amazing discovery by our scientists.

So what does all this mean for you? Consider the 12 factors earlier in this article. If you have a serious disharmony in your body and you believe that one or more of those 12 factors previously mentioned have a role in your history, then epigenetics is a very important topic for you to explore.

Learn how, together, we can explore and unlock, in a noninvasive way, lifestyle influences and your epigenetic locks for the benefit of yourself and your children. Don't delay, call to set up your customized epigenetics session.

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