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On August 21st, 2019 by Access Complete Wellness

The Swiss Army Knife of Wellness

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swiss army knife

swiss army knife

Do you have your tools?

Are you familiar with a Swiss Army Knife?  This knife was invented in Switzerland in 1891 by an inventor named Karl Elsener. The knife is a pocket knife or multi-tool knife.  American Soldiers named it Swiss Army Knife during World War II because they could not easily pronounce its German name “Offiziersmesser”.   What makes this knife so unique is that it has a main blade and various tools like can openers, screwdrivers, corkscrews, scissors, pliers, nail files, shackle cutters and now LED lights, USB sticks, etc. They are generally known for their red color and cross logo which in military issued knives is the coat of arms of Switzerland. I think you can see why these handy knives would be an amazing tool for camping, an athletic field, at home and even in the military to address many things they might encounter.

What if you could have such a tool for your overall health and well-being? Would that be valuable? Even better, a tool that requires no equipment, no supplements, took up no space in your backpack, camping equipment or car for the football or soccer game. A tool that could help you address a host needs as may be required for any given situation. Well, such a tool exists and all you need is to learn it in a day and use it for a lifetime whether in the wilderness, on the playground or soccer field, in the workplace, on an airplane, in your home, or any other indoor or outdoor environment.

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself. You know this to be true if you have ever cut your finger, had surgery or broken a bone.   This is called your innate wisdom to heal. And fortunately for all of us, we are all born with it and do not have to think too hard to allow the process or ailment to fix itself. That is the amazing part about our bodies.  I’ve prepared a video where you can learn more about how your body can Design Its Own Healthcare plan.

Keeping yourself feeling good can be challenging in our world today.  For instance, have you ever had a day when you felt like your focus was gone or you just could not remember anything!  A lot of this is due to stress, such as traffic, school, deadlines, receiving bad news. Try this brain balancing technique we call Cortices.  By using focus and your body’s innate ability to heal, you can bring about great calming and balance to your brain to calm your perspective on these matters.

Sometimes the stress seems so great in our lives that we feel we cannot cope.  Your body has it's own built-in ability to blow a circuit like a breaker in your home to protect you from more serious concerns. We call this Switching, like triggering that switch or breaker. This process is natural and is seen in long-distance runners when they push themselves beyond the limits and their body collapses at the end of the race to force the body to start the healing process by letting them know, “You did TOO much, it’s time to rest!”

Did you know that your body is made up of nearly 78% water and drinking more of it is one of the fastest changes you can make in your daily health regime to improve so many functions like digestion, detoxification and mental clarity.  But sometimes your cells lose their ability to hydrate and use the water to its best advantage. You have seen this when you observe water retention in any part of your body. Your cells can be re-trained to use this water correctly in a simple technique we call Hydration.

Why do so many get the flu?  Isn’t that what the flu vaccine is supposed to take care of for us?  The stress that many people are under is causing their body to work in a compromised state thus allowing any host of microbes to latch on and feast in an unprotected and sometimes defenseless respiratory microbiome.  It could be attacks from pollution, airborne allergies etc. What if with a little bit of knowledge, you had a way to talk to those immune cells and teach them how to fight back and recognize more easily a threat to your internal environment.  We call this Body Chemistry and it is a very safe and effective technique to arm yourself and your children since you don’t always know what is lurking.

Did you know that your body parts have pairs or partners that work together almost like a marriage?  They are responsible for looking out for each other and helping each other stay strong and working at peak performance.  And when one is not working well, the other picks up the slack until healing can occur in the “failing” part. The body has an energy system that connects all of these parts together and when you connect just the right points, you will help your body re-establish communication with the brain to allow healing to happen more efficiently.  This assists the brain to find a new pathway through neuroplasticity. This is a newer term in the neuro-science world helping new synaptic connections to happen especially after an injury. Imagine how valuable it would be if you could learn what these body pairs are to allow you to move your body to balance faster? In our class, BodyTalk Access, we teach these pairs which we call Reciprocals.  

A few summers ago, I took a small hike/climb in the middle of July in a rather warm climate for nearly 5 hours in the hottest part of the day.  I had not hiked before! I was severely taxed from caregiving and I had just two bottles of water (12 oz. each). I get it, I was not prepared.  As I climbed to the ½ way point of this big red rock in Sedona, I realized I was concerned and frightened that I might not make it back down. I have never felt such a lack of courage.  It was at that moment that I remembered, maybe I was prepared after all. Maybe I should use those healing and wellness techniques I teach!! So, I did. With very little water left, I was able to hydrate my cells, reduce my body’s view of the stress threat and regain balance back in my body structurally.  In less than 10 minutes, I was leaping back down that big old rocky peak and I was amazed at how these little wellness techniques changed not only my physical fatigue, but also my mental game. I was no longer feeling defenseless and fearful. 

Would it be valuable to learn a technique that literally took minutes to support a jammed finger, black eye, sprained ankle, toothache, appendicitis, concussion or surgery recovery?  In one day, we can share how to provide support in all of these health concerns with our Fast Aid Technique.

We teach a class called BodyTalk Access. I like to call it the Swiss Army Knife of Wellness and now you know why. Each health aspect mentioned above is taught in this wellness class. Here are the types of things it can support;

A sprain to any part of the body, discomfort in the head like a headache, supporting someone in a coma, increasing your body's ability to handle stress that it faces daily, support for colds or flu, black eye, any kind of sports injury, helping someone who has fainted, helping with dehydration, assisting with handling the effects of a snake bite, supporting someone with a skin rash, supporting someone with an insect bite, supporting someone with a backache, relief from tooth pain, nasal congestion, charlie horse, etc. Have I made my point? There is no limit to the possibilities to ease the discomfort. 

Your mind has an incredible way of healing and in fact, the latest in neuroscience is proving this repeatedly.  Check out the Evidence Based Research supporting this kind of healing.  And be sure to register early to get the best pricing or call us if you have questions at 972-712-0892.


BodyTalk Access

On August 29th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

DIY Health Maintenance

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DIY Health Maintenance

Recently, I went on a much-needed vacation to Sedona. The purpose of the vacation was to relax and rejuvenate after a very long period of high stress.

After a few days of rest, I found myself rock climbing. That wasn't exactly what I had planned for relaxation, however, it did meet the goal of learning more about health and healing. My husband and I are by no stretch avid hikers,  let alone rock climbers!   

We started off at about 9 A.M. and left with our new hiking sandals, some essential oil sunscreen,  and two bottles of water each. Did I mention we aren't very skilled at hiking?  So now I get to add to the list that we're also not very skilled or knowledgeable at planning on what to take on a hike that ended up leading to rock climbing into the hottest part of the afternoon.

Now, these rocks may not have been serious on-the-edge climbing rocks, but there was one moment that I captured in a photo where it felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior.  You know the obstacle where both arms and both legs are straddling a vast crevice in the Earth and you hope not to fall in it?  Okay, so that's at least what it felt like. Looking back at the picture it was merely a game of crab soccer coming back down that hill.  

As I climbed up the rocks, I recall a feeling of concern that going up was one thing, but coming back down was going to be another thing. But the good news is I persevered up and I made it, although at this point it was hard to even recognize the triumphant feat of making it to the level that I had.  While the scenery was amazing, I realized that at 2 o’clock in the afternoon having hiked two trails before this, our supplies were running low and my less than trained climbing muscles were questioning what I was doing up there. Oh yes, did I mention it was monsoon season in Sedona, so very large storm clouds were brewing over us at this moment? My mind began to play out the scenario of what if it starts to rain and I'm stuck up here and can't get down these rocks which will then be slippery?  

As I pondered the dilemma, I remembered, “Oh yes. I teach people every day how to revive their body in just a few minutes.  Maybe...I should try that stuff?”   It was at this moment that my husband proceeded to videotape me performing my BodyTalk Access routine on myself.  To learn more about this routine watch this video.   It was fascinating to see how balancing my brain communication and balancing my body parts to each other suddenly made my whole outlook on my situation far less daunting.  The stress my body felt from the climb was now dissipating as I engaged my innate healing ability and re-programmed my cells to better utilize the water I had given them and how to better manage the water I had left.  Your innate healing is that wisdom that helps you heal after surgery or when you cut your finger and the blood needs to clot.

I was also able to reset my body’s stress threshold.  Let me explain, I was still on top of Red Rock watching a storm move in quickly, but through a technique called Switching, I was able to optimize my body’s fight or flight protection mechanism.  So in less than ten minutes with no equipment what so ever, my body got a tune up.  I scaled back down the hot rocks with much greater ease than the climb up, not just because of gravity, but because my body parts were all communicating and a synergistic relationship was re-established.  

This is what stress does to the body.  It tears down communication and the body parts stop remembering how to work let alone work together for the best outcome.  That is when dis-ease creeps in.  

Try this simple technique called Cortices featured in the BodyTalk Access class being taught on September 23, 2017, in the Dallas, Texas area.  Before you watch the video by BodyTalk founder John Veltheim, take 30 seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply.  During this time ask yourself what you are noticing.  Is there stress? Tension in your head or shoulders?  A pain somewhere else in the body?  Do you feel anxious or fearful?  Now write these down and rate your experience on a scale of 1-10.  Ten meaning you need a trip to the emergency room.  Next, watch the explanation of The Cortices Technique and perform it on yourself.  Re-rate your symptoms prior to the exercise after you perform it on yourself.  I will be highly surprised if most or not all of your symptoms are greatly reduced.

If you add that technique, along with a stress threshold technique, hydration, body chemistry and full body realigning techniques, imagine the difference to your day to day aches and pains.  The course also includes a Fast Aid technique.  Fortunately we did not need that one on our climb, however, I already have some amazing testimonials for Fast Aid.  And the best part, you don’t need any equipment or supplements to bring this improvement to your body instantly.  Learn more about what the BodyTalk Access course has to offer you and be sure to reserve your spot today.  Feel free to enjoy my other videos at my YouTube Channel.  

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