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On April 17th, 2013 by Lynn Morales

Can Sleep Apnea Link to Cancer?

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sleep-apnea-croppedAccording to scientists, people with sleep apnea have a higher risk of cancer.  Sleep apnea causes a disruption in your breathing at night.  This disruption decreases oxygen levels in the body.  The highest consumption of oxygen occurs during REM sleep.  You cannot afford pauses in your breathing at this time.  Research proves that oxygen deprivation causes cancer.

One way to help prevent cancer, premature aging and illness is to increase your oxygen levels.  When oxygen levels are increased, the red blood cells pick up the extra oxygen, and provide it to your body tissues.  Exercising, deep breathing, using an O2E2 oxygen machine and adding omega fatty acids to your diet will help.  Omega Nutrition’s Hi-Lignan Flax Oil (1-2 tbsp daily), and Standard Process Cod Liver Oil (4-6 capsules daily) will insure you maintain high oxygen levels.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, try the herbal cure, Sleep Apnea Relief.  Take 1-2 capsules and after a couple of weeks your oxygen levels should re-normalize to prevent cancer.

Oxygen enhances the body's ability to rebuild itself, strengthen cells and flush toxins.  Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.  So start raising your oxygen to prevent and fight cancer as well as improve your concentration and memory.

Contact Lynn for more information about Standard Process products and how you can use dietary supplements to improve the quality of your life.

On October 19th, 2011 by Lynn Morales

Serve Broccoli with Mustard to Fight Cancer

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broccoli picEating broccoli with mustard can boost the vegetable’s cancer fighting ability, scientists have found. Adding radishes, rocket-also called arugula-or a form of Japanese horseradish called wasabi, can have the same effect.

“But overcooking the broccoli you can kill the vital enzyme, myrosinase. Steaming it quickly for just two to four minutes is the best way to preserve its well-known health benefits,” says Elizabeth Jeffery, a professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois. She adds, “Broccoli, prepared correctly, is an extremely potent cancer-fighting agent. Three to five servings a week are enough to have an effect. To get broccoli’s benefits, the enzyme myrosinase has to be present. If it’s not there, sulforaphane, broccoli’s cancer-preventive and anti-inflammatory component, doesn’t form.”

Broccoli sprouts, which are young plants just three to four days old, contain myrosinase in abundance. Researchers found that myrosinase from the young sprouts enhance the levels of sulforaphane formed and absorbed from the broccoli when the two are eaten together. And when you eat broccoli with mustard, radishes, rocket or wasabi, it can boost the benefits even further.


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