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Standard Process Cleanse

On April 3rd, 2012

Standard Process Cleanse

Did you know there are literally thousands of chemicals and toxins that are registered in the United States?  Hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies according to the Centers for Disease Control.    These toxins and chemicals can have massive disruptions to our body systems causing a number of health issues.

So what toxins are you and your family using daily?  Here’s a short list.  Water pollution, cosmetics, household cleaning products, pesticides and herbicides, pharmaceuticals, food preservatives, caffeine, ammonia and this is just a short list.

Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions such as reduced mental clarity, low libido, digestion issues, weight gain, food cravings etc. The Standard Process Purification Program can help remove toxins from the body and reduce or eliminate symptoms such as these.   This program stimulates specific detox organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines.   Each of these organs plays a major role in cleansing specific toxins from the body while preparing the body for transporting necessary nutrients for the body to utilize.

The Standard Process Purification Program takes just 21 days to complete.  It involves eating whole organic food, eliminating processed foods, drinking plenty of water and incorporating the use of whole food supplementation to assist with the cleansing process and re-building of healthy cells from former habits.  Refraining from certain toxins such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products also contribute to a purifying process.  Certain dietary restrictions apply as well such as the elimination of dairy, nuts and most grains and refined foods.

Read here to learn more about how the Standard Process Purification Program has helped people eliminate arthritic symptoms and lower key health markers such as blood pressure, blood glucose, etc.

Find out if you can benefit from the purification program! Our toxicity questionnaire will help your practitioner assess your potential need for the purification program or other Standard Process or MediHerb® products. The toxicity questionnaire only takes a few minutes of your time. Print or email your results, and contact me for evaluation.

Fill out the toxicity questionnaire now!


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