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Ovarian Cancer Screenings

On September 2nd, 2013

Are Ovarian Cancer Screenings Helpful?

Many screenings have been under fire and the latest to undergo “validation” is Ovarian Cancer Screening.  What has been determined is that the screening using vaginal ultrasound and the corresponding blood test does not reduce the number of deaths from this disease.

The procedure is very costly and often comes up with false positives which then causes a lot of pain and upset.  Experts such as New England Journal of Medicine, the Archives of Internal Medicine, the American Cancer Society have to agree with the facts that the results of screenings are not impacting the outcome.  As sad as it is to admit it, many cancer screenings seem to be overrated and not producing the fruit we all expected.

There are some screenings that are too few and often too late, but these cancer screenings could be helpful.  Screening for cervical cancer, prostate cancer, chronic kidney disease, colorectal cancer and lung cancer have proven to be helpful.

Ovarian health can be achieved through a number of methods such as BodyTalk and nutritional supplementation.  Many do not realize the mind/body connection in the healing process or in the development of disease.  Emotions also need to be considered and looking at things such as past traumas is a fantastic way to address ovary health.  For instance, the ovaries represent a number of concepts that could be evident in a person’s life.  Things that are causing imbalances in emotions and personal relationships such as issues of self-preservation or acceptance of life or maybe needing to release something or someone.  When these root cause issues surface, they tend to lead to tremendous healing and improved results in much shorter periods of time.

Even if ovarian cancer screenings aren't bringing the fruit we hoped they would, there are still options that can address ovarian issues once they surface.  Book your lifestyle health and nutrition coaching or your BodyTalk session today and learn what your body is trying to say to you.

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