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The ways of right-living people glow with light; the
longer they live, the brighter they shine.
 - Proverbs 4:18

Live Classes

Live Classes

We have assembled some of our favorite Live Classes here. The information you will learn will help you build a good foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness adventures.
Brain Health

Brain Health

As we age cognitive function may naturally decline. When it comes to brain health, prevention of disease is key. Learn lifestyle categories you can change include physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity, and social engagement.
Digital Dementia

Digital Dementia

Are you familiar with Digital Dementia and Tech Neck? Modern-day workers present tech neck on a regular basis. Not only does this affect posture, but it can also impact cognitive function as well which is a contributing factor to Digital Dementia. Learn How To Be Healthy In The Digital Era.
Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong

Move Well

You will be moving your body, but will quickly discover that these precise movements are purposefully designed to give you a new level of mastery and a new level of results. Better movement in one area of the body echoes throughout the whole body and influences neural function and overall body function.
Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong

Balance Well

If you’ve never done balance training, you will enjoy how powerful and effective this training is and will begin to notice in daily life where the results show up. You will always use a “Safe but Challenging” stance to keep you both protected and advancing.
Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong

See Well

The visual skills necessary for life go WAY beyond the classically perceived 20/20 “gold standard” of vision. Vision is a BIG priority for your brain as the pathway for most of the incoming information(nearly 90%). You will learn that vision is a skill!
Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong

3 Pillars Strong: Move Well, Balance Well, See Well

Movement is the currency of life. The quality of your life is determined by your ability to move. The 3 Pillars Workshop six-week workshop will give you the starting place for improving your ability to move better, balance better and see better!
Sleep 101

Sleep 101

Are You Ready To Learn More About SLEEP? Too many people are functioning at levels below their full energetic potential simply due to a lack of consistent, healthy sleep. Imagine the increase in productivity, creativity, and overall quality of work and relationships if we could all just get the optimum levels of sleep every night?


Ditch the Drugs - Take Control of Your ADHD Naturally!
Did you know that up to 11 percent of children ages 4-17 will have experienced ADHD at some point in their lives? This number is increasing every day, and the pharmaceutical industry is profiting from every single diagnosis!
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