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Learn How To Prevent Stress Eating Webinar

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How Do You Digest Your STRESS??

Did you know that up to 27% of adults use STRESS as an excuse for overeating? (34% of these admit it to be a habit!)

If you’re one of the many people who turn to food as a means of dealing with their STRESS, then you’ve come to the right place. Emotional (or stress) eating has become an ever-increasing problem among today’s workforce, to the extent that it can often be difficult to determine if what you’re feeling is actual hunger, or simply an unprocessed bout of stress and extreme emotion.

Repeated Thoughts, Repeated Action

The more often you treat a period of intense stress or emotion with an excess intake of food, the more accustomed your body becomes to receiving it, and the more likely it is that it will happen again.

Quite often, these periods of intense emotion or stress can be confused with the need to overeat, simply because you’ve created a habit of doing so.

However, the mental and physical effects of stress causes the body to be lacking in energy, so your body’s first natural reaction is to seek more, which naturally comes in the form of either food or sleep.

Learn Techniques to Help You!

In this webinar, Learn How To Prevent Stress Eating, we will help you understand more about stress-eating including where it comes from, why we do it, and techniques to help you counteract the urges.

This will be a very insightful and helpful journey for those of you who are ready to face your emotional eating issues head-on and begin to put steps in place to achieve a healthier, more balanced mental and physical relationship with food.

Digesting stress and difficult emotions shouldn’t come with the added difficulty of digesting a period of binge-eating. Learn how to recognize your triggers, implement strategies, and set realistic goals to reprogram your brain to avoid emotional eating.


I am truly inspired by people who have come to recognize that their current habits might not be serving them or allowing them to reach their highest potential, and even more so by those who TAKE ACTION to make the shift and make change happen!

I understand how struggles with emotional eating can disrupt people’s lives and also how they can affect all areas of life, whether they seem food-related or not.

Food is something we need to survive, and so it should be treated as something we do to fuel our bodies through the day to enable us to experience life and all it has to offer.

Imagine where the energy you’re spending worrying about food could be put to better use?

What could you achieve if you managed to balance your eating habits and fuel your mind and body to reach their highest potential?

Join me now to find out more!

Can’t Wait To Share With You!


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