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The ways of right-living people glow with light; the
longer they live, the brighter they shine.
 - Proverbs 4:18


Kitty Korner


Welcome Kids! Its Solomon and Simon! Thank you for stopping by and checking out our very own web page. We certainly enjoy sharing with you some of our efforts to achieve the ultimate in kitty health. Check out our tips below to provide you with encouragement on your health journey. Be well. Meow.

yogacatsollieHere I am practicing my yoga stretches. Within the BodyTalk Access training class there is a technique called Reciprocals. I use it to help my body parts get tuned up and work well together so I can run fast and jump high to chase Simon. Oh yes, and to catch an occasional critter or two. Notice that my opposite arm and opposite leg are stretching at the same time. This helps create balance between the right and left side of my body. You will find this helpful if you play sports like soccer, baseball, football or even arts like ballet.

Let’s play Simon Says. Simon says, “Be sure to take your vitamins everyday.”

I just ate my vitamins, did you eat yours? Simon says…

Click the play button to play the video again!

simononscratchingpostI sure enjoy chewing my kitty vities. They taste so good but best of all, they keep me from having to go to the doctor. I eat my vities twice a day to keep my body healthy and strong to fight against critters. Even if you don’t think your vities taste good, please take them everyday so you won’t miss any school and you will be able to play everyday like Solomon and I do. And if you feel some days like you do not want to take them, just remember me giving you this kiss of encouragement right through the camera!

Have you ever had the sniffles or a sore throat keep you home from school?  Do you ever sneeze because of allergies?  I like to play and roll in the grass, but it makes my skin itch a whole lot.  Kinda like fleas.  Have you ever had those?  Oh, of course, you have not, that is more unique to kitties and doggies.  In this picture, I am preparing for the Body Chemistry Technique.  It helps make my allergies go away and any sniffles I might pick up.  Not to mention it helps rid me of critters that might upset my tummy like worms.  I think you might call them parasites.   I am putting the Q-tip in my mouth to wet it and then my Mommy does the rest.  Maybe your Mommy or Daddy should take the BodyTalk Access Class so they can help your body be clear of these icky

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