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Heart Disease – Will we ever see the end of it?

On August 11th, 2014

Heart Disease – Will we ever see the end of it?

Start today!

By taking two steps you can begin to resolve the two main causes of heart disease 1) beriberi of the heart and 2) inflammation in the coronary arteries.  Both are brought about by the standard American diet (S.A.D.) and the medical low-fat diet.  They are nutritional deficiency diseases and both can be resolved with whole food or whole food supplements which include concentrates as well as glandular and organ extracts.   When we say whole foods, we mean foods that are alive such as fresh fruits and vegetables, not cooked foods.   And if you are not getting these foods in your diet daily, then supplementation is a must for you.  It is proven time and time again that synthetic supplements do not have cardiotonic nutrients to effectively handle heart disease.  This simply means something to provide the heart well-being.

Cardiotonic nutrients

Cardiotonic nutrients contain the ingredients which, when lacking or deficient, cause heart disease.  There are two steps to healing heart disease 1) switch to a Mediterranean diet and 2) Take four simple supplements that contain cardiotonic nutrients.  They are Cardio®-Plus, Cataplex® B, Min-Tran®, and Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

If you have serious coronary artery inflammation, blockage, or plaque, consider adding more Vitamin K2 and increased levels of bioflavonoids, vitamin P, rutin and more.  To get these nutrients, you would need to add X-Factor Gold™ High Vitamin Butter Oil and Cyruta®-Plus.  For most people, the four basic cardiotonic nutrients above are life changers and all one needs.  Don’t wait until you have a blockage or heart attack.  Take action and change your life today by contacting me.

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