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 - Proverbs 4:18

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Expand Your Emotional Vocabulary Webinar

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What is an Emotional Vocabulary and How Can it Help Me?

Have you heard of “emotional intelligence?” Perhaps you’ve heard it phrased as an “EQ” or “EI.” It’s become the latest buzzword in corporate America because those who study large organizations are realizing how important a high EQ is for people in leadership roles. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify your own emotions as well as pick up on the emotions of others.

Emotional vocabulary goes hand in hand with EQ because being able to adequately express yourself and your feelings is crucial in communicating effectively with others. One benefit of having an effective emotional vocabulary is being able to assess your own emotions and better understand your own feelings. The second benefit of using specific words to label and identify emotions is then, in turn, being able to better understand and communicate with those whom you interact with.

Emotions are part of human nature, and if you want to improve your relationships and interactions with other humans, it would be beneficial to strengthen your emotional intelligence.

Join me for "Expand Your Emotional Vocabulary". Watch this webinar now and strengthen your ability to communicate!

What Will We Talk About?

I’ll break down exactly what “emotional intelligence” is and why it’s so important in building healthy relationships with those whom you interact with every day.

During this experience, I’ll cover:
     - How to get started early and build your child’s emotional intelligence at a young age
     - Tips for getting in touch with your true feelings by analyzing the ‘why’ behind your own thoughts and emotions
     - Introducing replacement words into your vocabulary so that you can be as specific as possible when speaking to others and conveying your           feelings
     - Why empathy is important in increasing your emotional intelligence and strategies you can use to build empathy
     - Tips and exercises for increasing your emotional intelligence

People with high levels of emotional intelligence have a high self-awareness that helps them understand coworkers, to roll with the punches, and in turn act as great problem-solvers. These are traits that will help you in every situation no matter your career or social situation. Studies have also shown that if two job candidates have similar IQs, the one with the higher EQ will likely be chosen for the position. There’s no reason to pass up this opportunity to learn more!

What Will I Get Out of This?

During this experience, you’ll learn about tools you can use to build your own emotional intelligence. You will also be given words you can use to expand your emotional vocabulary. A bonus to this is you will learn tricks to induce cognitive dissonance in order to expand your mind and grow your perspective.

These might seem like a lot of big buzz words now, but after this class, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. You will even be able to navigate the tricky situations that life throws at you just a little bit better.

Once you’ve taken the first steps to expand your emotional vocabulary, you’ll fall into the pattern of identifying your feelings. As well as the feelings and emotions that you pick up from others. With practice, and by working your way through the exercises I’ll cover in this webinar, these emotional intelligence practices will become second nature. Your whole perspective on the world and those around you will change!
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