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Emotional Regulation 
with Tipi

What is Tipi

Tipi was developed by Luc Nicon, a pedagogy researcher and expert in behavioral communication. This process for emotional regulation is very efficient to resolve conditions such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger and grief among others.
A critical benefit of this work is the ability to resolve long-standing traumas and emotional patterns without emotionally being re-activated.

Tipi sessions rarely need to exceed 30 minutes to obtain a complete and permanent resolution.

Emotional Regulation With TiPi

Permanent resolution of an emotional difficulty such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger, and grief, among others

What Is TiPi?

TiPi is a form of therapy that assists in emotional regulation. It was discovered by Luc Nicon in 2007. Since that time, it has gone through extensive testing and research, to create the protocol still in use today. Tipi is a technique that helps you regulate your emotions so that you can achieve a more balanced state of mind.

Our minds and bodies are intrinsically linked. We can feel our emotions as physical manifestations in our bodies. In some people, the mind is unable to let go of their emotions. As an example, instead of recovering from a divorce and finding a new person to love and cherish, they stay in the same emotional state for years.

TiPi is a series of protocols that allows you to regulate the emotions that are blocking you from achieving a normal life. It is simple, does not require triggering the event causing your emotional difficulties, and does not require you to divulge details you would rather not.

Will TiPi Work For Me?

Emotional regulation with TiPi is useful in a variety of situations. From the anxiety we feel right before giving a big presentation, to our fear of spiders or the grief of losing a child, TiPi can help bring those emotions into balance. TiPi therapy is effective in any situation where your emotions are out of balance, including:

• Anger
• Anxiety
• Grief
• Depression
• Phobias
• Stress

Emotional regulation with TiPi can help you in a number of different ways. The TiPi method can help you:

• Get past mental blocks that prevent you from learning
• Reduce stress from your work or home life
• Help overcome traumatic experiences
• Allow you to stay calm in situations that anger you

​TiPi Identifies the Root of Your Emotional Difficulty

When our emotions get the better of us, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint what the exact cause is. The fear of sirens after losing a child may be easy enough to understand, but the anger we feel when someone wants to borrow our phone may be harder to pinpoint. All emotion irregularities have a root cause, however, and with some exploration, the reason can be identified. Perhaps your anger isn't because of a reasonable request, but because your ex would make a point of searching through your phone without permission.

Our brain usually does a great job of processing our emotions, allowing us to continue on with our life. When an event is too traumatic or stressful for us to process, that emotion can sometimes get disconnected from the nervous system. When that happens, the emotion continues to trigger. This is why you get “flashbacks,” unreasonable bursts of rage, or even strong inhibitions.

TiPi helps you to identify the root cause and works with you on a step by step process to reconnect the emotion with the body, eliminating the problem altogether.

What Happens During a TiPi Session?

If you struggle with emotional regulation, getting help can be understandably worrying. TiPi is different from other forms of therapy, and you may find it much less stressful than traditional therapy methods.

• The beginning of the session
During a typical session, you will be guided through the protocols to help you achieve emotional regulation. The practitioner can help you figure out what caused your emotional reaction to trigger, and will guide you through the process of accessing those emotions. You do not have to trigger the actual event in order to process the emotions.

• Identifying your emotions
As you remember the emotions, you'll be asked to notice the physical sensations that go along with it. Paying attention to the physical aspects of your emotion helps your mind to process the information correctly, and will resolve the issue. If it does not, your practitioner will set up farther appointments at no extra charge.

• Safety
It is completely safe, does not require you to be unconscious, and does not require any kind of physical touch. 

• Convenience
Sessions can be done in person or if you are housebound or can't find a practitioner nearby, it can even be done over the phone or video conference for your convenience.

What Does a TiPi Session Include?

When you purchase a TiPi session, it includes:
1. A free assessment over the phone so you can explain to me the emotional difficulty you want to work on. I will let you know how to prepare for the session, as well as answer any questions. Time required: 15  to 20 minutes

2. The actual TiPi session, the time required is 30-45 minute TiPi session.

3. You will also receive a follow-up appointment a few days or weeks later for us to evaluate the results of our work.  We want to ensure that the emotional difficulty around the specific event/situation has been completely resolved. 

A TiPi Session Is About Results.

If the emotion pattern around the specific event is not completely resolved, we will schedule another session at no charge. Sometimes one or two more sessions might be necessary (included in the initial cost) to resolve a specific emotion around a specific event
Emotional Regulation with TiPiEmotional Regulation with TiPibetter life

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