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Draw the perfect bath with Young Living

On July 16th, 2015

We all look forward to a bath. It’s a rare treat to break up our morning, day or evening, and enjoy the relaxation of a good soak. And no one does baths better than Young Living.

Start your bath with our Lavender Bath & Shower Gel. Typically, it is wonderful to pour it directly into the water to create a luxurious bubble bath. However, you can also put a quarter-sized amount of soap on your bath sponge and lather.

Next, consider using one of the Young Living Diffusers to emit you favorite essential oils for aromatherapy during your bath.

Or, you can use the Bath & Shower Gel Base with five to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil per eight ounces of the Bath & Shower Gel Base. Use a little creativity as you combine the fragrances. Mix and match different combinations to experience different aromas. And if you’re looking for a particular fragrant experience, combine aromatherapy and the gel.

If you’re a bar soap bather, try Thieves Bar Soap. This cleanser uses an essential oil blend, moisturizing plant oils and botanical extracts to give your skin new life. It can help you feel purified and enlivened.

If feel like throwing your head back, closing your eyes and letting your cares disappear, use the Progressence Plus Serum on the back of your neck. (Be sure to read the How to Use section before use). Just two to four drops of this serum, designed specifically for women, can provide you with a feeling of harmony for the duration of your bath.

Next time you need some extra relation for your bath, consider incorporating Young Living.

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