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On January 15th, 2019 by Access Complete Wellness

Brain Boosting Superfoods – Turmeric and Tea

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Brain Super Food

Brain Boosting Superfoods – Turmeric and Tea

Brain Super Food

Did you know 43 million people will have dementia by 2030 and that number is expected to grow to 73 million people?  Did you also know that Alzheimer’s is not hereditary and it is the disease people are most concerned about after cancer?  When most people think about aging, dementia often comes to mind. What if you could pick up everyday items at the grocery store that would help keep your brain healthy?

Did you know there are eight superfoods specifically for your brain health?

In this article, we will explore two of them with more to come in future blogs.  What are they? What are the benefits of each superfood and why do you need them? Let’s explore the superfoods that help combat Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The people of India have one of the lowest cases of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the world and they use a lot of our first superfood, Turmeric.  Turmeric is not only a superfood, but it may prevent or help reverse the signs of Alzheimer’s. The easiest way to use and absorb Turmeric is mixing it with black pepper when cooking or seasoning your meals. Turmeric’s orange color comes from curcumin which helps aging blood vessels increase blood flow to the brain. Turmeric is also believed to be a potent anti-inflammatory.

turmeric brain healthIt is important to get a very good source of turmeric and in the correct amounts.

 I can tell you that the processing of turmeric is becoming tainted as with all manufacturing processes that look for a “score” for sales in the open market.  The blend of the entire turmeric root must be sourced properly to maintain its life force. You can’t isolate the curcumin. And that is what is happening now in the industry.  Nutraceutical manufacturers are isolating the curcumin to develop a marketing scheme to say it is more “potent”. Really? More potent than in its natural form working in conjunction with the rest of the parts of the root that actually causes the plant to grow and repopulate itself year after year?  Now, how much sense does that make? This is why you have to know that all the parts of the root that make it so powerful are still intact by the time you get them in your supplement or spice. So the bottom line, in order to get the full benefit of healing plant chemicals, your supplement must contain the whole plant material, grown organically, harvested at peak nutritional richness, and processed without heat or chemicals to maintain the life force of the plants as only nature can provide.  When done this way, all nutrients are 100% naturally synergistic-they naturally support or enhance each other for maximum healing. And this is super critical for turmeric/curcumin.  

My source for Turmeric is from MediHerb (Standard Process) because I know it has curcumin your body can actually use and process. They process the root correctly, but, it is only available to healthcare professionals.  However, if you want to know if this suggestion is right for you, please ask our office for access to our online health assessment where you will receive a free report identifying the best supplement recommendation for you.  We will then work with you through our Patient Direct Program to allow you the convenience to order this high-quality product and others as needed to complete a well-rounded nutritional protocol unique to you.

Can you get all this from the spices in the store and use them while cooking?  

Only if you know that the same keys above were used to harvest what you are buying for your spice rack.  And then, of course, you have to make sure the amount you are getting is the recommended dosage which may be difficult to put all in your favorite dish and still get the flavor you are desiring.  And how do you know if what you are taking is enough or is working for you? We have a great brain cell assessment tool that actually will measure aspects of cell health that will be a good indicator if what you are doing is actually working to address your health.  These tests can be performed in our office or long distance so please check out more details to determine if your steps toward health are actually working.

Another warrior in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia is Tea.  

There are four types of tea: black, oolong, white and green. If you are looking for the highest level of antioxidants, lowest levels of caffeine and least processed, try the white and green teas.  Tea drinkers tend to have a lower rate of Alzheimer’s Disease. Try to keep your tea as pure as possible and go easy on the honey and lemon so you can enjoy all the health benefits of the tea. Drink hot tea over cold tea because you reap what you steep.  Warmer drinks are also really good for digestion and absorption. You may not know this, but it is also important to steep at the proper temperature to get the best benefit. It really does taste better too!

  • Green tea 175 degrees
  • White tea 180 degrees
  • Oolong tea 190 degrees
  • Black tea 212 degrees

As with Turmeric, sourcing and proper harvesting of the tea leaves is very important to get the proper Slique Teanutrients to uptake into the body.  I recommend the following tea called Slique that not only has oolong tea, but also frankincense in it which is also a very good anti-inflammatory.  It also tastes really good with properties to address satisfying your hunger as well. So this is two powerful healing traits in one.

So there you have the first two brain boosting superfoods that will help fight off Alzheimer’s and Dementia:  Tea and Turmeric. No prescriptions and no need for specialty stores. Two items you can incorporate immediately that will give you a lifetime of benefits provided they are sourced properly.

BrainSpanI strongly encourage you to contact our office to get your baseline brain cell assessment to identify your age-related cell degeneration and cognitive decline.   

This assessment will help you determine if what you are currently doing is moving you in a positive direction. By the way, this is not just about getting Dementia or Alzheimer’s.  This is measuring your cell health as it may also relate to: Attention and Behavior, Memory, Weight-Loss, Chronic Pain, Performance, Concussion resiliency (Stroke too) and Pregnancy.  Learn more by watching this video.

On December 20th, 2018 by Access Complete Wellness

What Is The Ketogenic Diet

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Keto 101

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet.Ketogenic Diet Keto 101

“A keto or ketogenic diet,” described by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, a Swedish doctor specializing in family medicine, “is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many proven benefits for weight loss, health, and performance…”

Ketones are small molecules produced in the liver and used as fuel throughout the body.

“On a ketogenic diet,” Dr. Eenfeldt writes, “your entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat. Insulin levels become very low, and fat burning increases dramatically. It becomes easy to access your fat stores to burn them off. This is obviously great if you’re trying to lose weight, but there are also other less obvious benefits, such as less hunger and a steady supply of energy.”

If you'd like to learn more about the Ketogenic Diet join us on Thursday, January 3rd at 8:00 pm CST, for a free webinar. We will explore some of the benefits of a ketogenic diet in detail. We will also provide the tools to help get you started on your way to healthy living.

Why This Is A Must Attend...

Do you want to experience improved mental focus and clarity, an unlimited flow of energy, appetite control, assist in abdominal fat loss, decreased inflammation, decrease in arthritic pain and increased fat burning?

Our goal with this webinar is to discuss how a ketogenic diet can benefit your life by aiding in weight loss, appetite suppression, and by reducing the risk of dangerous afflictions like Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

The Ketogenic Diet has taken the world by storm and the reason for the growing popularity of this lifestyle are the results people are able to achieve without making any compromises. During our time together we will explain the ketogenic diet, help you determine if it is right, and get you started.

Hosted by: Lynn & Keith Morales

Outside Of Answering Your Questions, Here Are The Topics We Will Cover:

We will share the necessary steps you’ll need to take to start living a ketogenic lifestyle, including food lists and recipes to get you started. In particular, you will learn the following...

-Definition of a ketogenic diet
-What keto is NOT
-How keto improves health
-Different styles of keto
-Basic food guide of what to eat (and what not to eat) on a ketogenic diet.
-Simple keto recipes for your first few weeks.
-How to get started immediately!

The prospect of making major life changes can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you along your path.

Please join us and consider inviting others who you think could benefit from our webinar, Keto 101.

We Can’t Wait to Share With You on Thursday, January 3rd at 8:00 pm CST!

Register Now

For a list of all of our scheduled webinars go to our home page and scroll down to UPCOMING EVENTS

On May 19th, 2018 by Access Complete Wellness

Are Seniors at Risk with Blood Pressure Medications

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Are Seniors at Risk with Blood Pressure Medications?

Risk with Blood Pressure Medications

The risk of falls related to blood pressure meds is actually more concerning than you may realize. Sometimes these meds can make you dizzy and that is what may lead to a fall. Depending on the age of the senior, statistically, blood pressure meds may not prolong life.  The odds of suffering a stroke or getting a heart attack without the meds may actually be less than suffering a serious fall while taking them.

And what do the research studies say?

One study spells it out pretty clearly.  An article published online February 24, 2014, in JAMA Internal Medicine showed that if you are a senior, taking blood pressure drugs significantly increases your risk for serious falls.  Serious falls are those that include hip fracture, broken bones, major head injuries, and joint dislocations.  About one in ten seniors taking blood pressure drugs experience one or more of these falls. And if you have already fallen once, and your physician still insists you stay on blood pressure drugs, your odds of another fall are doubled.

These statistics don’t even take into account lightheadedness, dizziness, impotence, weakness, chronic fatigue, heart failure, and “not so serious falls” which could lead to hospitalization.  The study experts were quoted as saying, “although non-injurious falls and minor fall injuries are associated with morbidity, we limited our study to serious fall injuries.” Is it possible they did this because these drug-induced falls were equivalent to or worse than the strokes and heart attacks the drugs were prescribed to prevent!

How many drugs are seniors on?

More startling information came out of this study.  The more drugs you are on along with your blood pressure drugs, the worse your odds.   And it turns out that “most patients are on 10-plus medications by the time they are 70.”  Once your reach this level of medication, you don’t have much of a chance.

The article stated that the potential harm and death associated with serious falls and injuries from blood pressure drugs are about the same or worse than stroke and heart attack combined.  If you take blood pressure meds and experience dizziness, weakness, or get light-headed, let your doctor know.

These supplements may help...

Finally, if you are concerned about your blood pressure or your blood pressure drugs, practice the following.  Combined, these simple techniques will do more to help you safely maintain proper blood pressure, make you stronger and more confident, and make your golden years much more golden and enjoyable….

  1. Get daily exercise.  But don’t overdo.
  2. Practice Deep Breathing.
  3. Support yourself with Cardio-Plus (6-9 daily) and Min-Tran (6-9 daily) from Standard Process, and Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3-6 daily).  These can be ordered through our office.  Just complete this free health assessment to order.
  4. And prepare yourself for better balance by using one of these balance bracelets. These bracelets are effective in harmonizing and balancing the body, including relief from stress when exposed to EMFs. Seniors close to me swear by them! They feel more confident and stronger!

Now even medical research is sharing a warning.  Weigh the risks carefully and proceed with caution.  Consider all options and stay operating in your world with proper nutrition as long as possible.


On November 27th, 2013 by Lynn Morales

Standard Process 10 Day Male Vitality Program

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Standard Process 10 Day Male Vitality Program*

This 10-Day Program was designed to support individuals that have specific physiological needs such as Male vitality.

This program is not designed to replace the 21-Day Purification Program, but is intended to support specific areas of health.

10 Day Male Vitality Program:

This program consists of high quality organic whole food and herbal complexes that contain many beneficial nutritional constituents that are essential to our health – as opposed to synthetic vitamins that are missing the naturally occurring enzymes and complexes. On the Standard Process® labels you will recognize many foods such as kale, Brussels sprouts, beets, barley grass, etc.

Below is a brief description of the products that will support your 10-Day Program:

  • This program consists of high quality organic whole food and herbal complexes that contain many beneficial nutritional constituents that are essential to our health - as opposed to synthetic vitamins that are missing the naturally occurring enzymes and complexes. On the Standard Process® labels you will recognize many foods such as kale, Brussels sprouts, beets, barley grass, etc.  Below is a brief description of the products that will support your 10-Day Program:
    • SP Complete®
      • Whole Food supplement shake that includes amino acids, essential fatty acids, vegetable concentrates, and powerful antioxidant protection to support the entire range of body systems
    •  Symplex M®
      • For the male endocrine system supports the healthy function of the testes and the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.
    •  Rhodiola Ginseng Complex
      • Enhance mental clarity and support cognitive function, promote vitality and stamina, help maintain proper energy, support physical endurance, maintain feelings of general well-being when experiencing temporary stress, help the body adapt to the changes of everyday life, support and maintain the body as it ages, support the body's natural defenses against emotional and environmental stressors
    •  Zinc Liver Chelate 
      • Used for short-term support of healthy immune function and wound healing. Promotes protein synthesis. Provides cofactor support for enzymatic functioning. Supports male hormonal health. Supports digestion.

Learn more, how to get stared: 10 Day Male Vitality Program

Place your order, phone consultation contact Lynn.

*Offer good through January 30, 2014.

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