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On January 24th, 2018 by Access Complete Wellness

Priority Based Health Care

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Priority Based Healthcare

Priority Based HealthcarePriority Based Health Care

Does your doctor determine your most important health priority before coming up with an action plan?  Or does he/she take note of your symptoms and treat you like the last person with the same list of symptoms?  Many people that have chronic health conditions or conditions that the doctors are unable to diagnose may feel like they just are supposed to live with their ailment.  That is not necessarily the case when your health care is priority based.

So what is Priority Based Health Care and what does that mean to you?  It is looking at your health on all dimensions regardless of symptoms and then allowing the body to tell us it’s priority for healing.  Pretty cool, huh?  So how does the body do this you might ask?  Well, our body is talking all the time…are you listening?  Aches, pains, congestion, emotional ups and downs, gurgles and twinges are all signs of your body talking.  You just need the right person that can help you translate.

In sessions, if your desired ailment to get worked on does not surface,  it is NOT your body’s priority to be worked on or cleared.  That is priority based health care.  It does not mean that you do not have that ailment addressed in the session, it just means it was not the root of your ailment.  Picture a dandelion in your yard.  You don’t cut the top off, do you?  Of course not, unless you want to see it surface again!  The same is true for your health and wellness.  If you want to see the ailment no longer surface, you have to get to the root.

Through a science called Applied Kinesiology (a.k.a. muscle testing), your body can tell you the frequencies that help bring it into balance.   Your body has the ability to detect when a positive or negative frequency is near it.  The right side of your neck may be hurting and through the session, we will determine that it all started about the same time your 14-year-old teenager decided to make wrong choices and the two of you got in a disagreement and your anger grew. You know, the proverbial pain in the neck!

Applied kinesiology (AK) is a method to determine priority based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. Practitioners contend that by correcting this muscle weakness, you can help heal a problem in the associated internal organ.  They key is how you correct that muscle weakness.

I don’t actually need science to prove this.  Don’t you feel good when someone pays you a compliment and feel bad when someone insults you?  Our words, our emotions, the food we eat, the supplements we take etc. all have either a positive or negative impact (frequency) on our body.

As a trained practitioner in priority based healthcare, we will use tools like muscle testing to get to the root of your ailment whether it is a painful neck, jittery stomach, high cholesterol or diabetes.  One never knows where the root cause of an ailment may take us but it is nice to know that your body has all the answers you need for healing, you just need to listen!

To learn more about what your body is trying to tell you, book your session today.

On December 19th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

The Clock Begins: Lung Time 3 AM - 5 AM

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The Clock Begins: Lung Time 3 AM - 5 AM

In my prior article titled, Is Your Hose Kinked?” I referenced the 24-hour body clock. If you missed this article click on the link provided. You really do have an internal clock that carries out specific tasks within the body at the same time every day. Almost like your body’s “in-box” of daily routines. And, like your day at the office, your body may have an emergency or two that gets thrown in your day. Something you didn’t plan. This could look like a food you are allergic to such as wheat. Your body still needs to work on its regularly scheduled daily task but eating the wrong foods or food you have an intolerance to may cause your body to have to go deal with that “emergency” instead of completing the scheduled task. This is how blockages, build-ups and stagnation can cause an organ’s meridian pathway to be clogged. This can lead to a host of issues.

This month we will start with an exercise for the lungs. The lungs start your body’s internal clock activities each day from 3 AM to 5 AM.  The lungs have a number of key functions, but there may be some you are not familiar with such as:

  • help to circulate the blood
  • distribute fluids and blood to
  • nourish the skin, generate grief
  • help you release the past
  • give you the ability to speak with a clear voice.

Now, these may not sound like functions you have heard of before and that is because they do not come from western medicine philosophy. We are looking at them from an energy perspective.

If you are someone that wakes up at night during 3 a.m. to 5 a.m., your lungs may be telling you something. Some of the signs of lung patterns that may reflect irregularities in lung energy or stress are:

shortness of breath, sweat easily, tiredness, cough, tickle in the throat, weak voice, dry mouth, dry skin, aversion to cold, someone who worries, is anxious, overworks to keep busy or can’t lie down, asthma, someone that has excessive consumption for greasy or spicy foods.

As mentioned previously, there are a number of ways to address an imbalance in the lungs one of which is an exercise called Qi Gong, similar to exercises like Yoga or Tai Chi. Click on the link for an exercise unique to the lungs. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks before you notice a change, but give it a try and see if you start sleeping through lung time or are at least able to fall back asleep if you do wake up briefly. Click here for the Lung Exercise.

So maybe you are thinking, “I wake up multiple times during the night, what am I supposed to do if it is not during 3 am – 5 am?” Don’t worry. We are going to do a series on this so rest assured we are going to cover the other organs in the body. However, if you are waking up multiple times a night, you will benefit tremendously from my prior video release called the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Technique.

Another way to address energy imbalances is through BodyTalk, a modality I use in my practice. A BodyTalk session can be done in person or remotely (over the phone or live video conference such as Zoom). Learn more about BodyTalk and schedule a session.


The Clock Continues Series:

Is Your Hose Kinked? Introduction to series: Lung Time 3 AM to 5 AM

The Clock Continues: Large Intestine Time 5 AM – 7 AM

The Clock Continues: Stomach Time: 7 AM – 9 AM

The Clock Continues: Spleen/Pancreas Time: 9 AM – 11 AM

The Clock Continues: Heart Time 11 AM – 1 PM

The Clock Continues: Small Intestine Time 1 PM – 3 PM

The Clock Continues: Bladder Time 3 PM – 5 PM

The Clock Continues: Kidney Time 5 PM – 7 PM

The Clock Continues: Pericardium 7 PM – 9 PM

The Clock Continues: Triple Heater 9 PM – 11 PM

The Clock Continues: Gallbladder 11 PM – 1 AM

The Clock Ends…Finally: Liver 1 AM – 3 AM

On August 30th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I traveled this summer for a brief time and then took many weeks off to regroup from a long time of very high stress.  Most of us do not give stress nearly enough credit for causing our bodies to work at less than optimal performance.  

Many of you reading this blog may be able to relate to high-stress times. Perhaps you are caring for a loved one.  Or maybe you work a 60 plus hour a week job.  Perhaps there is family dysfunction.  Most people have that one going on!  Perhaps you are making HUGE sweeping changes in your life?  All of these raise your stress levels and many do not have any idea how to manage all that is coming at them.  As much as I hate to admit it, I found myself in this exact place a year ago.  

Recently, I had an opportunity present itself that afforded me to take time off for several weeks and just rejuvenate.  I used this time to engage two very helpful tools that I teach to clients in my practice; the Body Talk Access Routine and the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Pose.  The first one is mentioned in my blog on DIY Health Maintenance and I use it weekly to create a health maintenance opportunity in my life.  The relaxation pose is the equivalent to 4 hours of sleep in 15 minutes!  I chose to do Two-A-Days of this one.  That’s a term our High School Football teams used to use for their summer practice time although I was recently told that these are no longer allowed down here in our Texas schools.

I also spent a great deal of time organizing my world.  You might think that does not sound very relaxing and at first, it wasn't.  Over time, however, a huge sense of accomplishment allowed me to feel extraordinary benefits to clearing out my clutter.  This has amazing health benefits such as benefiting the liver.  Most people do not know that your liver is the project manager of the body.  If you ever feel like you have a lot of clutter and you just can’t get the motivation to work on it….consider a liver cleanse.  It’s amazing how it helps you move through those piles in no time.

You don’t have to wait until next summer to take advantage or to learn more about these options.  Take a moment to learn more about these three tools that can move you to a space of stress reduction while clearing space for new abundance in health to settle in.

  1. BodyTalk Access - DIY Health Maintenance in 10 Minutes
  2. Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Pose - 15 minutes feels like 4 hours of sleep
  3. 21 Day Purification Program - Cleanse that liver and help clear the clutter from your world.

Enjoy your revitalized health in Fall!

On August 29th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

DIY Health Maintenance

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DIY Health Maintenance

Recently, I went on a much-needed vacation to Sedona. The purpose of the vacation was to relax and rejuvenate after a very long period of high stress.

After a few days of rest, I found myself rock climbing. That wasn't exactly what I had planned for relaxation, however, it did meet the goal of learning more about health and healing. My husband and I are by no stretch avid hikers,  let alone rock climbers!   

We started off at about 9 A.M. and left with our new hiking sandals, some essential oil sunscreen,  and two bottles of water each. Did I mention we aren't very skilled at hiking?  So now I get to add to the list that we're also not very skilled or knowledgeable at planning on what to take on a hike that ended up leading to rock climbing into the hottest part of the afternoon.

Now, these rocks may not have been serious on-the-edge climbing rocks, but there was one moment that I captured in a photo where it felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior.  You know the obstacle where both arms and both legs are straddling a vast crevice in the Earth and you hope not to fall in it?  Okay, so that's at least what it felt like. Looking back at the picture it was merely a game of crab soccer coming back down that hill.  

As I climbed up the rocks, I recall a feeling of concern that going up was one thing, but coming back down was going to be another thing. But the good news is I persevered up and I made it, although at this point it was hard to even recognize the triumphant feat of making it to the level that I had.  While the scenery was amazing, I realized that at 2 o’clock in the afternoon having hiked two trails before this, our supplies were running low and my less than trained climbing muscles were questioning what I was doing up there. Oh yes, did I mention it was monsoon season in Sedona, so very large storm clouds were brewing over us at this moment? My mind began to play out the scenario of what if it starts to rain and I'm stuck up here and can't get down these rocks which will then be slippery?  

As I pondered the dilemma, I remembered, “Oh yes. I teach people every day how to revive their body in just a few minutes.  Maybe...I should try that stuff?”   It was at this moment that my husband proceeded to videotape me performing my BodyTalk Access routine on myself.  To learn more about this routine watch this video.   It was fascinating to see how balancing my brain communication and balancing my body parts to each other suddenly made my whole outlook on my situation far less daunting.  The stress my body felt from the climb was now dissipating as I engaged my innate healing ability and re-programmed my cells to better utilize the water I had given them and how to better manage the water I had left.  Your innate healing is that wisdom that helps you heal after surgery or when you cut your finger and the blood needs to clot.

I was also able to reset my body’s stress threshold.  Let me explain, I was still on top of Red Rock watching a storm move in quickly, but through a technique called Switching, I was able to optimize my body’s fight or flight protection mechanism.  So in less than ten minutes with no equipment what so ever, my body got a tune up.  I scaled back down the hot rocks with much greater ease than the climb up, not just because of gravity, but because my body parts were all communicating and a synergistic relationship was re-established.  

This is what stress does to the body.  It tears down communication and the body parts stop remembering how to work let alone work together for the best outcome.  That is when dis-ease creeps in.  

Try this simple technique called Cortices featured in the BodyTalk Access class being taught on September 23, 2017, in the Dallas, Texas area.  Before you watch the video by BodyTalk founder John Veltheim, take 30 seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply.  During this time ask yourself what you are noticing.  Is there stress? Tension in your head or shoulders?  A pain somewhere else in the body?  Do you feel anxious or fearful?  Now write these down and rate your experience on a scale of 1-10.  Ten meaning you need a trip to the emergency room.  Next, watch the explanation of The Cortices Technique and perform it on yourself.  Re-rate your symptoms prior to the exercise after you perform it on yourself.  I will be highly surprised if most or not all of your symptoms are greatly reduced.

If you add that technique, along with a stress threshold technique, hydration, body chemistry and full body realigning techniques, imagine the difference to your day to day aches and pains.  The course also includes a Fast Aid technique.  Fortunately we did not need that one on our climb, however, I already have some amazing testimonials for Fast Aid.  And the best part, you don’t need any equipment or supplements to bring this improvement to your body instantly.  Learn more about what the BodyTalk Access course has to offer you and be sure to reserve your spot today.  Feel free to enjoy my other videos at my YouTube Channel.  

On June 6th, 2017 by Lynn Morales

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

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Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

What is the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)?

AFT is a simple but effective technique for using your Young Living’s essential oils, combined with intention and awareness, to breakthrough and transform the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that may be holding you back.

Dr. Perkus, the creator of AFT, has taught internationally on trauma release, brain wellness, and personal fulfillment using essential oils.

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) uses the power of aromatherapy to release blocks that hold you back from manifesting your heart’s desires.

What does the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) do?

It uses a combination of traditional/familiar and accepted psychotherapeutic approaches with aromatherapy as a means of interrupting negative thought/emotional patterns. The Aroma Freedom Technique quickly and easily releases you from your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving your goals, dreams and desires. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a way to quickly identify and let go of thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with our heartfelt intentions.

How does the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) work?

Using a blend of aromatherapy and coaching, the Aroma Freedom Technique releases emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your heart's desires and achieving your dreams.

How can the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)help me?

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is designed to help you be your best self.

Aroma Freedom Techniques (AFT) specifically focuses on identifying your goals and intentions and releasing the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back. At the beginning of the session, you will get clear on what it is that you wish to manifest. You are then guided through a discovery process that will help you identify the underlying thoughts, emotions, experiences, and beliefs that hinder you from meeting your goal(s). Using essential oils, you will release the blocked energy and create space for new beliefs and experiences to emerge.  Once released, you and I will create an action plan to help you achieve your goal.  You will receive a small bottle of essential oil to work with following the session. Sessions are 45-60 minutes

How do I schedule a session?

A session can be done 1 on 1 or in a small group setting either in person or via an online meeting such as Zoom. If your session is not in person we have to ensure you have the correct Young Living essential oils on hand.

Book an Appointment


AFT is not a replacement for traditional/familiar psychotherapy and no diagnoses are made or treated during sessions. Please consult your physician or therapists to discuss any changes to your current therapeutic routine.

On September 6th, 2016 by Lynn Morales

Invest in Yourself with Six Simple Ways to Save

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Managing money can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be an intimidating process! Like your health and relationships, everyday choices create your long-term outcomes. Whether financial freedom is a goal or a reality, see how these small changes can lead to not-so-small savings.

1. Divide your paycheck and start saving

It’s simple economics: You have to make more money than you spend. Even though we all understand this principle, it’s sometimes easy to let our budgets get away from us.

If you struggle with balancing your budget, start by dividing each of your paychecks between your savings and checking accounts. Set a specific percentage to automatically deposit into your savings account so you’re less tempted to spend it. This will help you save without even thinking about it and make it easier to avoid temptations like midday snacks, appetizers and drinks at dinner, and late-night online shopping sprees.

Whether you set aside $5 or 10 percent, it’s just important that you start. Once you’ve made this practice a habit, it will be easier to put more and more away over time.

2. Ditch soda, alcohol, and other expensive specialty drinks

Drinking water is a no-brainer for good health, but it’s a winning financial strategy as well. Soda, juice, and especially alcohol can hike up your grocery bill and restaurant check. Instead of choosing a daily afternoon soda and drink with dinner, opt for water most days. You’ll save a good chunk of cash when you indulge only every so often or not at all.

Keep things interesting with a drop of Vitality™ essential oil. Add a splash of summery flavor with Lime Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Grapefruit Vitality, or Orange Vitality. You can also get a quick pick-me-up when you add a drop of refreshing Peppermint Vitality to your ice-cold water. You’ll be surprised how much you save when you ditch your usual splurge and stick to water instead.

3. Try eating in-outside

Eating in doesn’t mean you have to keep meals indoors. Add a little fun to homemade dinner and bring a picnic to a park, the beach, or even your backyard. You’ll make your meal a little more special without pricey entrees, unknown ingredients, and added tips. Whether the meal is simple or extravagant, you’re sure to make a memory when you host it in a fun setting—all for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant, takeout, or fast food.

4. Prioritize your health and wellness

Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, take your supplements, wash your hands—you know what it takes to stay healthy. But do you think about how these efforts can save you money? A little rest, healthy food, and exercise help prevent expensive medical bills down the road.

While there are lots of ways to give your body the attention it deserves, something as simple as a new workout, an additional healthy meal each week, or a full night’s rest can kick-start a healthier you. Check out some of our simple ways to revamp your everyday TLC.

Jump-start your workout with a 15-minute full body workout from National Gym Association member Edina Hamulic.
Perfect your nighttime routine with seven tips for a better night’s sleep.
Try a new recipe with fresh, wholesome ingredients and Vitality essential oils.

5. Experiment with DIY and homemade personal care

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a spa day filled with facials, body scrubs, and hair masks. Pamper yourself at home with easy-to-make DIY goodies. You’ll feel great because you took the time for extra pampering and because you saved money! Try some of the DIY ideas featured on our blog or create your own at-home beauty favorites.

Use a DIY detangler for silky soft hair.
Take a break in a steamy bath enhanced with a calming oatmeal soak.
Get your feet ready for flip-flops and strappy sandals with three steps to fab feet.
Try a fun, fizzy shower bomb or relaxing bath salts, both infused with refreshing essential oils.

6. Make a clean sweep with homemade cleaners

Making your own household cleaners is a great way to save money and keep harmful chemicals out of your home. Vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are all great replacements for store-bought, processed cleaners, but Thieves® Household Cleaner makes it even easier to whip up affordable, naturally derived cleaners for your whole home. Infused with the power of Thieves, this cleaner makes it easy to create everything from window spray to carpet cleaner. Need some help getting started? Check out our blog post for three innovative ways to clean your whole home with Thieves Household Cleaner!

While it’s important to save and work toward financial freedom, it always helps to keep things balanced. Use these practical steps to work toward your goals and you’ll avoid feeling so restricted that your resolve breaks down and you end up filling your shopping cart, running up an expensive restaurant bill, or splurging on an expensive spa treatment. Give yourself a reasonable treat once in a while, find little ways to cut down your spending, and always keep your long-term goals in mind. It’s the small steps you take every day that will get you there!

This blog was reprinted with permission from the Young Living website.

On January 6th, 2016 by Lynn Morales

What is your Wellness Strategy for the New Year?

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What is your Wellness Strategy for the New Year?

Don’t have one?  Before you create a Wellness strategy, let’s define what this means.

The word Strategy is defined in a business dictionary as the following:

  1. A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.
  2. The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.

Now, for the dictionary definition of Wellness:

  1. The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
  2. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

Wellness is about not just physical, but also mental well-being.  So any plan that does not include both will fall short of the goal of Wellness.

Have you ever known anyone, you or a family member, that could shed the first 20 pounds, but then hit a wall or block on the last 15 pounds?  There is a very real reason for this and until you know the truth about what that extra baggage is about, your Wellness Strategy will be unproductive.   And that is contrary to the definition of Strategy above where it references “...marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.”

Here are five steps to move you closer to developing your personal strategy.

  1. Out with the old and in with the new.  Cleansing your body systems especially after the holidays is a step in the right direction to shedding pounds and old belief systems.  When the body is exposed to the toxic fumes from exhausts, chemical cleaners,  perfumes, and household cleaners, a cleanse is a great way to move those through.  Cleanses also create the vehicle to move out old emotions that latch on at the cellular level.  Learn more about Purification Programs.
  2. Support your body systems with everyday maintenance.  Did you know that your body has innate wisdom to help you function each day?  It looks like this; your body heals after surgery or cutting your finger, your immune system supports you through colds and flu and you don’t even need to tell it what to do.  What if you could provide your body support to enhance these systems for further reinforcement?  Look no further, you only need a six hour course called; BodyTalk Access.
  3. Provide yourself proper nutrition. The purification program teaches you new foods to eat that support your body systems to allow for proper detox pathways to be engaged.  However, today’s farming practices and food processing have made it difficult to receive proper supplementation.  Not to mention each person is incredibly unique so the only way to properly supplement is to make sure you are working with a healthcare professional or use a health assessment to identify your unique needs.  Watch a video to learn more.
  4. Face your emotional blocks! Most people don’t realize that their emotions lock into many parts of the body especially the fat cells.  And emotions left unchecked can lead to a host of imbalances in the body that will eventually lead to disease not to mention weight issues.  Emotions can block any area of life such as: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and even Fun.  Do you know anyone that has some emotions around any of these areas in life?   In order to have a complete Wellness Strategy that brings health to body and mind AND assists in “...marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use…”  one must be willing to address emotional blocks in your journey.  And if you are not, this Wellness Strategy is NOT for you.  We recommend the following seven week program to address emotional blocks.
  5. Fine tune maintenance of body systems.  Be active.  Work with a qualified trainer or participate at your local recreation center.  Find something to keep your body moving.  There is no substitute.  Check out IDTransformation and take the challenge.  By doing so, you will receive free access to our IDWellness app that provides you 3D body modeling of your body’s fitness journey, daily nutrition menus,  daily workouts with video guidance, Wellness video library, Wellness education blogs and community.

For more information on any of these programs contact me.

On October 28th, 2013 by Lynn Morales

Bladder Tissues and Issues

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Bladder Tissues and Issues

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) or cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary bladder.  Sometimes the symptoms go unnoticed but here are a few you may recognize: frequent urination, burning sensation, pain in the pelvic area, cloudy or dark colored urine.

Generally the cause is bacteria or yeast.  They are considered foreign bodies and don’t belong.  the bacteria come from feces and the yeast will generally come from the vagina.  Both men and women can have a UTI.  Although microorganisms often get blamed, a UTI can occur due to a lack of healthy bacteria in the urinary system.

The inflammation caused by an unhealthy balance in the system can lead to stress on the prostate.  Men generally experience a higher prevalence of  of cystitis starting in their mid-50s and 60s.  Sometimes tissue weakness in the bladder can cause stress.  This stress leads to kidney and bladder stones and other abnormalities and increased risk for men and women.

There are many preventive measures to consider to avoid UTIs.

  1. Drink plenty of filtered or purified water.

  2. Consume unsweetened cranberry juice.

  3. Consume foods that contain d-mannose with freshly made juices such as blueberries, gooseberries, peaches, apples, green beans etc.

  4. Take a good probiotic.

  5. Eat plenty of fiber like nuts, seeds, fermented dairy.

  6. Avoid bladder irritants like alcohol, chocolate, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners,  caffeine, vinegar, tomatoes etc.

  7. Don’t resist the urge to urinate.

  8. Avoid tight fitting clothes.

  9. Eliminate food sensitivities.

  10. Women should urinate after sexual activity.

If you find yourself having continual issues, please contact me for further more unique assistance.

On October 21st, 2013 by Lynn Morales

Low T?

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 Do you have low T?

Have you seen that commercial on television where it asks men “Do you have low T”?  They are talking about testosterone, a hormone found in both male and females but mostly associated with men.  Deficiency in the hormone can look like the following: fatigue, weight gain, low libido, decreased mental sharpness, lowered mental clarity, mood swings and declining muscle mass.

Improving this hormone balance will generally increase overall well-being.  It can also help with symptoms associated with heart failure and improved stability and balance.

The following factors can interfere with testosterone balance and therefore, with some modifications, can be addressed in a more natural manner.  Physical/Mechanical Dysfunctions, poor basic nutrition, stress, low mineral status like zinc, prostate enlargement and poor endocrine communication.

One of the easiest ways to identify low T is to take the zinc test.  Zinc is critical for proper sexual function.  There is a test that can be taken called Zinc drink.  It is generally sold through health practitioners. The zinc test is easy to take and no studying is necessary.  All it entails is swishing a small amount of zinc in your mouth.  If you can’t taste it, you have low zinc.  If it tastes awful, your zinc is in line.  A product called Zinc Liver Chelate can help bring those levels back up.

Some other tips to increase low T include eating red organic meat 4 - 8 times a month.   This could also include cod, chicken or raw milk.  There are several other natural products that can assist with this process as well.  One of them is a 10 day male vitality cleanse that may assist in this process of moving low T to a high T.  Contact me for further details.

On October 17th, 2013 by Lynn Morales

Need Vitamin F?

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Need Vitamin F?

Check out this Amazing List of Symptoms it Addresses

Have you ever heard of vitamin F?  Most people ask me, “what’s it for?”  I respond, “It might be easier if I told you what it didn’t help.”  It is a very versatile vitamin and I think very much under promoted.

Vitamin F is helpful for men and women.  It is an unsaturated fatty acid which in invaluable to health and when combined with a live form of flaxseed oil, liver fat extract with iodine and liver powder such as the product Cataplex F by Standard Process.

This vitamin complex is invaluable for the heart muscle and to help it strengthen irregular heartbeats and increase the strength of the heart muscle in minutes.  It is also fabulous for muscle cramps caused by deficiencies.

But Vitamin F does not stop with the heart.  It is fabulous for giving your thyroid a jumpstart.  It can also keep your skin and hair from aging.  Want to protect yourself from the sun; sunburn, sunstroke, sun poisoning and sun sensitivity, consider vitamin F.  It also helps with dry skin and ridged nails.

Men will find tremendous benefit from vitamin F for prostate issues.  I mentioned earlier that this product can feed the hormone system.  In the same way it helps your heart muscle it also helps your hormones.  It is not only nutritional support for the thyroid but it also critical for benign prostate issues for men.  Men will find reduced trips to the bathroom and a better flow.

Women will find that Cataplex F will feed their thyroid, ovaries and liver which are all critical for hormone balance.  It also serves as a calcium supplement by keeping too much calcium from getting in the blood where it settle into the tissue.

Vitamin F has a lot of benefits that most people have missed.  Be sure to keep this in your medicine cabinet to handle many of the ailments I mentioned above.

To order your Cataplex F, contact me.


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