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Online BodyTalk Access Workshop April 25, 2020

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BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk AccessOptimize Your Immune System with BodyTalk Access! 

BodyTalk Access is a revolutionary self-care program learned in 1-day, used for a lifetime to support the health and well-being of your entire family!!

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BodyTalk Access

Learn in One Day, Use for a Lifetime

BodyTalk Access is designed to be used by anyone: layperson, family member, caregiver or healthcare provider alike. These five simple techniques can bring about a significant improvement in health and once learned in the one-day Access class, they can be implemented in less than 10 minutes. You will have these powerful tools for health for the rest of your life. Best of all, for a limited time, we are offering an Online BodyTalk Access Workshop. See our upcoming events for workshop dates.

It is our hope that BodyTalk Access will be able to provide a basic level of health maintenance in communities and countries around the world where good healthcare may not be readily available. It is also our hope to reach families and give them options to take their health back into their own hands, literally.

Increase your Resiliency

The wellness routine presented in BodyTalk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind. This ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long term health. The Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set and can be done once a day or more depending on need.

The first two techniques balance the brain, so that the brain is turned on and communicating appropriately. The next two techniques balance the metabolic processes of the body and the entire immune system, helping the body be more resilient to stress and external forces, such as germs and viruses. The final technique helps to balance posture and the physical structure of the body, thus improving range-of-motion, flexibility and overall coordination of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The Fast Aid routine combines two of the above techniques to assist in helping the body recover from all sorts of minor to major injuries by shifting the body out of a state of shock and trauma back into the growth and healing mode. Fast Aid is highly flexible, incredibly fast and can be used anytime or place to assist in the recovery from injuries and trauma.

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Techniques You Will LearnBodyTalk Access

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More On The 6 Techniques You Will Learn

The Cortices technique is designed to improve and balance the communication between the two halves of the brain. (Think of it as hitting the reset button on your brain's computer.) This improves the brain's efficiency - thereby improving overall health. Specific immediate effects include improvements in thinking ability, memory and concentration, stress reduction, feeling more physically relaxed, and enhanced general physiological functioning of the body.

One of the common side effects of stress is the tendency for the mind to go into a "switched" mode, where normal brain coordination is compromised. This can show up as inattentiveness, poor decision-making and confusion, the making of silly mistakes, poor coordination and mood swings. The "switched" person often reverses simple things such as left-and-right or yes-and-no. The Switching technique helps restore normal brain function and will help the individual to manage stress more effectively.

The body is 70- to 80- percent water. All physiological processes in the cells, nerves, organs and other structures are dependent upon a good supply of water. Even if someone drinks plenty of water, the body may not be utilizing it well. Very often, the transportation of water across the cell membranes is compromised. The Hydration technique helps to correct the body's ability to fully use the water it has available - thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes.

Body Chemistry
This amazing technique is designed to stimulate the immune system of the body into addressing many chronic and acute conditions. Often viruses, bacteria and parasites are not effectively addressed by the body's immune system because of various imbalances in the body. The Body Chemistry technique can correct these imbalances so the body can restore health without the need for drug intervention. This technique also works to help the immune system address allergies, food intolerances and accumulated toxins.

The integrity of the structure of the body is critical for living a healthy and mobile life. The coordination of the muscles, balance of the muscle tone and the unrestricted flow of energy through the body are all critical to healthy functioning at all levels of the bodymind complex. The Reciprocals technique involves reestablishing the integrity of the structures of the body, and it can have a significant effect on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems and chronic pain.

Fast Aid Techniques
BodyTalk Access also includes an effective first-aid system that is non-invasive, safe and extremely simple. It will resolve simple issues as a stand-alone technique. For serious conditions, it is designed to be used safely until specialized healthcare arrives.

For the layperson interested in using the BodyTalk techniques, the BodyTalk Access training is easy to understand and learn and will help you assist your family and friends with healthcare in a simple and safe way.

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 BodyTalk Access Testimonials

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BodyTalk Access


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Distance Healing in the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Let's Talk Science

By Laura Stuve, Ph.D. (Reprinted with Permission)

(When it comes to COVID-19) the world needs the powerful healing BodyTalk can uniquely provide in the safe and effective format of distance treatments. But a lot of people - family, friends, and clients - may be having a hard time believing in this, and aren't open. This doubt is understandable  - we've grown up in the Western healthcare paradigm where distance healing sounds like it's from a magical realm. I'm passionate about sharing my perspectives as a Ph.D. scientist, mind-body medicine instructor and practitioner to help open doors for all of us to share the distance healing potential of the BodyTalk systems with everyone who needs them right here goes!

Together, we are facing a global Covid -19 pandemic that is disrupting every aspect of our lives. While we stay inside as much as possible, we still need groceries and supplies as do our animals. Some of us still need to go to work and interface with the public. No matter where or how you are hunkering down, we all need support - for our immune resilience, to manage our stress and emotional responses to the daily upheavals, and for some of us, to resolve the infection of this deadly virus itself. People need effective, safe healthcare NOW and why not brilliant treatments at a distance?

The mind-body angle

In mind-body medicine, we honor the impact of our beliefs, mindsets, stresses and emotions on our physical health...mountains of research support this connection! We know from the latest science, that our immune function is the most impacted system by stress and emotional swings.

Chronically stressed? Angry? Fearful? Feeling threatened by financial and work uncertainty? Unsure what is safe to do?

  • Your immune system responds with depletion and underperformance.

Feeling alone and isolated in this lockdown era?

  • A sense of alienation and lack of connection has been shown to be the worst type of insult for the immune system - triggering reprogramming of the genes in the immune cells to both increase inflammation and debilitate your ability to fight off an infection.

BUT, we can talk to a counselor, a friend, a mentor and get a new perspective, shift our view, and feel a ray of optimism that becomes contagious...and this transformation trickles down to our cells!   We don't need to talk in person with this supportive individual, we can connect by phone, email or watch a recorded message from them. The simple act of connection with someone by any medium shifts us into a productive stress response (as compared to a fight or flight stress response) and restores our immune function.  Mindset Intervention research studies have shown this is a FAST and lasting response that occurs within 10-15 minutes of a simple reframing intervention - people's minds, emotional states and biology shift, clearing all the adversity of chronic stress including strain on the cardiovascular system and reversing the immune system debilitation.

And this is what mind-body practitioners do...simple emotional and stress releases that we can coach people to do live or remotely with equal effectiveness. And when we don't feel threatened and have a sense of support, we naturally relax, sleep better, heal and our immune cells re-engage with their jobs resolving true threats!

The stress angle

How could mind-body medicine work in the first place, let alone make a difference when done at a distance? Your autonomic (think automatic functions digestion, heart rate, breathing) nervous system has two modes - a gas pedal and a brake. Like your car, you can't simultaneously drive it in both modes. You either have the gas pedal on and are in sympathetic (aka stress) mode, OR, you have the brakes on and are in relaxation (parasympathetic) mode. Science tells us that 100% of healing and rejuvenation happens in relaxation mode (so let's do the math here: 0% of healing happens when we're stressed!). So anything that gets you to relaxation mode boosts the body's natural ability to heal - anything! If you work with the BodyTalk systems, we use simple techniques that balance the brain and work through acupuncture points to calm mind and body. These straightforward techniques can be taught remotely so anyone can touch the points and brain areas on themselves and get the powerful relaxation reset, which jump starts healing.

We have published research data demonstrating distance treatments work!

Check out the peer-reviewed published research study on distance BodyTalk treatments for chronic pain that Janet Galipo and I did in the Journal of Pain Management. We got excellent statistically significant reduction of pain intensity in long term chronic pain sufferers AND improvement in the associated emotional issues of anxiety and depression many patients face.  In the discussion section, we reference other distance healing publications if you want more data!

Let's get more esoteric

As practitioners, we train our focus. We observe and focus on the priorities within mind and body - liver detox, Qi flow in the Spleen meridian, anti-viral activity in Killer T cells, calming stress from a challenging relationship. Initially, it's easiest for most of us to do muscle testing and have the level of focus required to get great results with a client lying on a treatment table right in front of us. But, over time, the ability to get the intuitive information and focus on the client's priorities is beyond space and time. We are accessing a blueprint of the individual in a more optimal state of health, an alternative quantum probability for their energy systems that is in better harmony and balance. And we can access and observe that blueprint from anywhere. The observer effect in quantum physics doesn't require a proximity of observation.

Some things are just empirical

Although I started out as a scientist skeptic, I now know distance healing works, because I have personally experienced it myself many times (it's awesome!), and have observed that my family, friends and clients see real changes of physical, emotional and spiritual health with distance treatments.

The practical aspect of distance healing is sorely needed TODAY, not tomorrow!

Ready to try it?

More information on BodyTalk

More information on BodyTalk Access




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COVID-19The recent concerns regarding COVID-19 may have left you feeling fearful and unsure of the next steps.  We want to assist you in addressing these concerns and share information that may prove helpful. The latest facts and tips can be found here:

Do the five

     1 - HANDS Wash them often

     2 - ELBOW Cough into it

     3 - FACE Don't touch it

     4 - FEET Stay more than 3ft apart

     5 - FEEL sick? Stay home

Detailed facts and information can be found here:

Collaborating for Health

The private sector and government have done an amazing job of collaborating and providing a game-plan to assist our country.  Having experience in corporate healthcare for nearly 30 years, and knowing just how difficult getting all the players on the same page can be, it is truly a magnificent display of teamwork.  Hearing and seeing what large companies such as Walmart, Google, CVS, Labcorp and others are accomplishing in record time is what makes our country’s contribution to society great. Companies that are competitors, working in cooperation for the good of all Americans in a time of need.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said in a speech in 1912: “Competition has been shown to be useful up to a point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.”

Fear and Stress = Compromised Immune System

Our focus should be on being thankful for so many bright and brilliant people that are working long hours to protect us all.  Having said this, know that fear can be paralyzing. When we're in fear mode, we're in fight/flight mode. And when we're stressed, we're also in fight/flight mode. So fear & stress are basically the same things having the same effect on the body.  Fight or flight is when our stress hormones go on high alert. The challenge is, high alert was meant to be for a temporary time to get us out of danger. (You know, running from the tiger to avoid death by tiger eating.)

Unfortunately in our world today, stress hormones stay on high alert all day long for things like work deadlines, traffic, family schedules, etc. making it difficult to sleep, stay calm and spend time relaxing. None of these mean you will die from being eaten by a tiger if you do not meet the deadline or goal however, our body no longer understands this and dumps all stress into the same bucket.   When we're stressed, we're actually scared....of something(s). And most of those things never even come to pass. Take this quote to heart...

“I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”  ― Mark Twain

Fight or Flight

The stress (fight/flight) response compromises the immune system.  Some of these stress hormones also feed or support the immune system. So basically, allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with fear and watching the play by play every minute only tears down your body’s ability to stay strong. According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 90% of all illness is related to stress. People's immune systems become more compromised due to all the fear generated by the media attention or thoughts of bad news. Don’t believe me? Don’t you feel good when someone brings you flowers or pays you a compliment? Don’t you feel lousy when someone calls you a derogatory name or hits your car in the parking lot?

Remember Your Tools!

Please take advantage of the following tools available to you at this time to bring more balance to your mind, body and emotions. We have prepared for this time. And feeling prepared will always improve your outlook.

  1. Cortices - Overall calming technique, use any time, anywhere to provide positive support for ANY condition.

  2. Emotional Questionnaire with corresponding Flower Essence support to calm negative emotions that are impacting your outlook and immune system - Buy these at our office, Sprouts, Whole Foods or online.

  3. Free Mood Booster Webinar this Thursday Night, March 18th at 8 PM Central Time.  Registration required by using the link above.

  4. Free BodyTalk Access refresher course webinar: (The Swiss Army Knife of Wellness) - This webinar is only for prior students of BodyTalk Access. If you have not taken the BodyTalk Access class, we will be offering a new class in the next few months, please send us a note if you want to be on that waiting list.

    BodyTalk Access Technicians: Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back for being prepared and ready to assist your family. Isn’t that comforting? You will be sent a separate email with the link for this call.  Have your manuals handy. We will review Cortices, Switching (Stress response), Hydration, Body Chemistry, Reciprocals and Fast Aid. I will take 60 minutes this Saturday morning, March 21st at 9:30 AM (Central Time) to go through the routine and answer any of your questions. A playback will not be available.

Need more advanced support?

If you require more support than what is listed above give us a call:

Bodytalk and Emotional Resolution sessions can both be done remotely
using video conferencing such as Zoom.

Upcoming Appointment(s)?

If you have an upcoming appointment with us, know that Access Complete Wellness is taking extra precautions for the safety of you, your family and our staff.

  • IF you have a fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g., cough, shortness of breath)

  • IF you have had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient within 14 days of symptom onset
  • IF you have traveled to/ from affected geographic areas (overseas, high-risk areas in the US, or on a cruise ship) within 14 days of symptom onset

PLEASE call our office to reschedule your appointment(s).

Appointment(s) will need to be rescheduled to at least 2 weeks from the last travel date and/or when symptoms resolve.

Contact us if we can assist you with any of the above at 972-712-0892.

In Wellness, Purpose and Abundance,
Keith & Lynn Morales, ND
Access Complete Wellness

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Fat Appreciation Time! (FAT) 

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Weight Management

Fat Cells

Fat CellsFat really has gotten a bad rap as my mind suddenly jumps to a bacon wrap. Food is so much better with the flavor of fat.  And fat is such an important aspect of our diets when choosing the right kind of fats and blaming it for excess weight failures is not appropriate.  It is time we appreciate the gift that it is, thus Fat Appreciation Time!

Did you know your body has nearly 30 billion fat cells? Clearly with a number these high-fat cells must not be a mistake.   Fat cells are normal to have in our body and definitely have a purpose such as keeping us healthy. They do a lot to protect our interior organs, kind of like padding. They are smart enough to store energy that you can use whenever you need it. They also know how to sense the temperature and help burn energy when you are cold. Probably one of the more significant things about fat cells is that they actually secrete hormones that tell your brain when you have plenty of energy reserves so your appetite will calm.   

Your fat cell number is determined before birth and research shows that the living conditions of the fetus such as the mother's diet or stress determine the number of fat cells you have for life.  This is when your epigenetic markers (lifestyle factors) come into play and why I wrote a special blog stating that your excess weight may not actually be your fault. Your weight imbalances may have a lot to do with how your Mom was managing life during your pregnancy.

There are a few different fat cells; brown, beige and white. The brown and beige fat cells help burn fat as energy for warmth when you need it.  These levels of energy decline with age and may be why aging leads to fat creep. White fat cells are stored as an oil drop within a cell. You don't want a lot of these.  

There are different types of fat cells; visceral fat vs. subcutaneous fat.  Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs within the liver, kidneys, and intestines. They can have many inflammatory macrophage cells and lead to many health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and cardiovascular disease. This type of fat is very active through metabolism and there are many strategies to lose it. For more information on assisting with fat reduction, I recommend you check out my webinar on Natural and Permanent Weight Reduction Solutions. Subcutaneous fat is right under the skin and it is very hard to lose and very easy to gain. Vigorous exercise is the only reliable way to keep it in check.  

Fat cells send and receive a lot of metabolic communication (hormones) as well. They literally have receptor sites for communicators such as insulin, thyroid stimulating hormone, estrogen, glucagon,  vitamin D and a whole host of other hormones that determine hunger, appetite and whether or not you are satisfied.

Fat cells also have an immune system all their own. There are guardian immune cells that live in the fat and kill infectious cells that are too numerous to reduce inflammation in the body.  When obesity is present, inflammation will be elevated. The fat cells collaborate with the immune cells to help with this imbalance.

The reduction of inflammation in the body is the key to obesity.  When fat cells make anti-inflammatory chemicals versus fat cells that make inflammatory chemicals a body will have lean weight vs. obesity.   When working through excess weight concerns, one should ask, “Is there anything or anyone I am trying to protect myself from either now or in the past when the excess weight started being noticeable?”   This could play out in a number of possibilities such as stress, trauma, physical or even sexual abuse. And it may stem from one feeling unsafe whether from abuse, wartime, etc. Those traumas or unresolved “inflammatory” times of conflict are clues to excess weight as well.  Fat serves a purpose even when the reason is to protect one from feeling unsafe. It serves a very important role in our world.

If you would like to learn whether or not stubborn fat you are trying to reduce is caused by other health concerns or you just need guidance, take our WICO test and learn more about how we assess this for you.  You may also find other articles on weight reduction valuable such as Is Your Excess Weight Really Your Fault?  Or search our site for the word FAT.  

For more information on our complete weight reduction programs which address attitude, inch loss in minutes and meal planning made easy view our program segments.

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Red Red 360

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Weight Management

Red-Red 360, Near-Infrared and Red-Light Therapy

Here at Access Complete Wellness, we recently introduced a new tool in our office. It’s called Red-Red 360. We have successfully used this machine to help with inch loss around stubborn areas. Also, it has great anti-aging support for your body.

As we get older we can’t help but notice every smile line and wrinkle that pops up on our face. Sometimes it makes it you wish you never smiled in your life, just so you could avoid these retched lines. While there’s still no secret skincare routine that will magically clear your face of any signs of aging, advancements in technology have allowed us the power to slow down the effects of aging.

Photobiomodulation, a form of low-level laser therapy, is one of these technological advancements that help us in our battle against wrinkles.

About Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation is a light therapy that uses non-ionizing light sources such as low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes (LED’s). The wavelengths these lights emit interact with the surface of the body. The energy from the lights promotes photochemical changes within the skin.
Michrocondria in the cell contains enzymes called cytochrome oxidase c. These enzymes receive photonic energy from the wavelengths of the lights when not performing at an adequate level.

How Red and Near-Infrared Exposure Effects You

Red and near-infrared are two of the most commonly used photobiomodulation therapies. Near-infrared penetrates deep into your body which provides numerous biological effects. This compared to far-infrared, which is absorbed by water and cannot penetrate as deeply as near-infrared.
Red light exposure stimulated collagen and elastin production which drastically reduce lines and wrinkles. This exposure also masks the appearance of scars, acne, and cellulite. Studies have also found a link between red and near-infrared exposure and weight loss. Those who undergo low-level laser therapy showed a decrease in inches around their waist, hips, and thighs.

Near-Infrared Impact on the Brain

A common misconception is that red and near-infrared exposure presents longterm defects to our brain. In reality, the opposite is true. Studies link mid-infrared exposure to improved learning and memory capabilities, increased gut microbiota and reduced amyloid-B plaque on the brain in rats.

More Information About Red-Red 360

Red-Red 360 sessions are rising in popularity and are proving to be an effective red and near-infrared method for reducing the effects of aging. Most patients partake in 8 to 15 sessions that take on average 20 minutes. This method uses new LED microchip technology to promote slimming, collagen stimulation and pain healing.

The Red-Red 360 emits unique wavelengths that stimulate fat cells to release their contents which makes for an effective alternative to liposuction. These wavelengths also interact with collagen and elastin, helping to reduce the unwanted effects of aging. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Red-Red-360 treatments is that they don’t damage tissue like other laser light treatments on the market.

Is Red-Red 360 For You?

If you’re tired of smile lines and wrinkles, and creams and oils aren’t garnering the improvement you desire, maybe it’s time to consider Red-Red 360. Here at Access Complete Wellness, we can handle this in our office. It is a great, non-invasive alternative to surgery that can provide positive, long-lasting results!

Call us now so that we can schedule a time for you to come in for the service. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Caregiver Program for Recovery - CPR

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Mind Body

Caregiver Take Care of Yourself First

Caregiver Program for Recovery - CPR

If you are in a caregiver role, you need to hear these words; “You are a blessing to the one in need and you are doing a good job!”  

As a  caregiver, it's normal to have doubts, to feel overwhelmed and maybe even feel under-appreciated.  I don’t know whether your personal journey of care-giving may involve an elderly parent or someone else dealing with a very serious illness, but either way, it can be stressful for all involved.  I recently was on a journey like this with my parents and it was extremely taxing however, it taught me what tools could help me make it to the next day. Now, I can share some of these tools with you.  

Try to keep in mind that the person you are caring for most likely wishes they could do things on their own instead of relying on you.  This may cause them to lack patience or be agitated at times. Just recall when you were a child and all you wanted to do was grow up so you could show others you could do things for yourself.   They are losing that independence and it can be very uncomfortable for them to ask for help. You too may lack patience and I know that is never easy, especially if you do not understand the limitations the other is going through.  May I suggest that you put yourself in their shoes? I bet they would gladly trade places with you!

My advice to you is that provided by the airline industry.  In the event of a change in (cabin) pressure, “put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping the person next to you”.  So here is the point of that statement.  It’s important for you as a caregiver to take care of yourself and not lose your own health while caring for another, thus give yourself time to breathe. If that comment sounds selfish to you, I understand that “servant-attitude.” And I appreciate where you are coming from, however, if you get “taken out” due to not caring for self, what good are you then to the person in need?  

So let me start by asking you to look at your emotional health on the journey.  Do you feel overwhelmed, angry, sad, guilty, shameful, resentful, afraid etc.? These are normal feelings and each person will feel something different because all of our circumstances are different. And please hear this, your feelings are yours so don’t try to make them right or wrong!  Just notice them and take steps to move to a more balanced place. 

My recommendation to achieve more balance is to look at your emotions and those of the person for whom you are caring.  I use a very simple self-test I call the Emotional Questionnaire.  It is available to you at no charge and makes recommendations for Bach Flower Essences. These can be ordered from our practice or you can find them at local health food stores. Simply read the directions and answer the questions, then tally your results and read the description for the one that describes you the best.  You may need more than one, and in fact, the top three may be what you need. I do not recommend more than three at a time. You can take a few drops in your mouth or add a few drops in your water to support you throughout the day. In severe times, take 3 drops as often as every 15 minutes.   If you have trouble deciding which is best for you, you may need to set an appointment with our office. We can assist you in person or over the phone.

The Cortices Technique is another tool I recommend to everyone as it assists in bringing a calming over your nervous system by helping your right and left brain to improve communication.  This is the first technique taught in our BodyTalk Access class and each one builds on the body’s ability to support Wellness. This technique can also be applied to the person you are caring for as well.  Now, if you have already taken the class, you know the extreme value at your fingertips to apply not only Cortices, but also your technique for raising your stress threshold, improving cell hydration, addressing body chemistry factors such as viruses and bacteria, as well as your complete body realigning technique to help keep your structure tuned up.  

My next recommendation is time for self such as reading, listening to music, massage, reflexology, light exercise and prayer/meditation will go a very long way to provide you time to rejuvenate.  I enjoy listening to a CD of tracks called Wholetones.  They provide different tracks to support different body parts and moods you might be experiencing. This is not only great for you but also the one you are caring for as it can be played at a low volume in the background. I recommend 30 minutes a day of some kind of activity like this and when your day looks especially hectic, I would wake up earlier to allow more quiet time for yourself to regroup and rejuvenate.

I understand that time is limited so finding a tool that provides support but requires little effort may be necessary.  I found myself using a Balance Bracelet not only for myself but for my elderly parents. We call them Body Shields because they shield you from environmental impacts such as electromagnetic fields (EMF).  EMF can have a negative impact on many people and they don’t even know that it may be causing; headaches, backaches, and vision impacts not to mention overall mental clarity.  EMFs are energy waves that are transmitted from electronic devices like computers, fluorescent lights, cell phones, microwaves, etc. In my office, we use a Tip-Test to demonstrate the power of this bracelet.  What is actually happening is that balancing frequencies are imprinted on the bracelet and these, in turn, help your body’s meridian system or energy field resonate at a more balanced frequency, a bit like a tuning fork.  In the tip-test, we can actually demonstrate how much stronger one’s body is while wearing the shield vs. not.

Again, knowing that time is of the essence when caring for another, I cannot recommend enough a relaxation technique called the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Technique.  It is equal to four hours of sleep in fifteen minutes.  Need I say more? It is designed to address adrenal stress.  What is that? It is when your body has been taxed for so long that your adrenals are drained from producing adrenaline to keep you going for the most basic of tasks.  Adrenaline is supposed to be produced when your body is facing an urgent situation and you need extreme energy to get away to safety. It is NOT supposed to be produced in high amounts every day just to help you manage a normal workload.

There are supplements that can also support you through high amounts of stress.  I recommend ashwagandha and kava forte to name a couple. These are great for stress, but are not for everyone.  Each person is unique and requires unique supplementation. Sometimes one might just need the right vitamin B or minerals.  Have you ever known someone that had a diet that worked for their friend but not for them? That is because we are unique and each person does not require a one size fits all solution.  This is not a game to be guessing about. We provide a tool to allow you to identify what body systems might benefit the most from supplementation and at the dosage unique for you. If this is of interest to you, please contact us for the link and access code.

I hope you will find some of these tools helpful for your journey and I’ll ask you to share with us your successes with any of these suggestions.  It's important to note that it may take time for your body to fully recover. Be patient with yourself. During stressful times, it is easy to forget what we have at our fingertips which is why this information is being shared.  Take your time and ease into this with the one tool that sounds most beneficial to you at this time. You do not have to do any of these suggestions all at once and all of them can be performed independent of the others. Give yourself permission to take care of you!

On September 24th, 2019 by Access Complete Wellness

Brain Drained?

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Brain Draining

Brain Draining

How our senses may be key to addressing motor changes and cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Is your brain drained? Your nervous system’s main and most important goal is to keep you safe. It is constantly scanning the environment for signs of danger and threat. This scanning happens through our senses; your brain takes in information through olfactory, visual, auditory and motor systems. Your body's ability to utilize these senses to their fullest and bring that information into the brain for processing is what determines the level of safety your brain perceives in its current environment.

Is it any wonder that this should be at the forefront of our thinking as we examine more closely some of the latest research on Alzheimer's disease (AD)?  Research has identified that sensory and motor changes preceded the actual cognitive symptoms many years earlier in (AD) patients.  A key conclusion was that improving sensory-motor deficits in (AD) may enhance patient function. But what exactly would that look like?  Let's get a stronger understanding of how our amazing nervous system works.

There are three primary tools in the toolbox that your nervous system utilizes to orient you in your environment and assess threat levels:

  1. Visual system
  2. Vestibular system
  3. Proprioceptive system

Each one of these systems plays a very important role in the proper balancing of this equation which we call the neural hierarchy. I'm sure the visual system is obvious as it relates to the millions of bits of information your eyes bring in every second that allows your brain to process and assess its threat levels. The vestibular system is your balance system and heavily utilizes your auditory response and inner ear to also receive and process information in your central nervous system. And the proprioceptive system, the one you may be least familiar with,  is simply information your body brings in through touch through the hands, skin and feet on the ground. The body varies muscle contractions in response to information from external forces by using muscle stretch receptors to track joint position in the body or impulse reactions such as when you touch something hot.

For the sake of example let's assume these three systems can be explained from a mathematical perspective.

  • Visual = 45%
  • Vestibular = 35%
  • Proprioceptive = 20%
  • Total = 100%

The neural hierarchy is all about balance control. The balance between the sensory and motor inputs. Think of it this way. Your sensory inputs ask the question where am I? It determines the position of the body in its environment and compares and selects and combines all of the senses to give your brain an opportunity to evaluate its environment and know how to interact with it.  The motor inputs ask the question what am I going to do (about this current environment I am in)? The motor aspect then determines which muscles it will contract such as ankles, thighs, neck, head, eyes, etc. and then decides overall body movement to determine if your body can be safe and peaceful or immediately needs to be on high alert because it senses danger and it must move out of the way quickly.

Picture that these three tools are like a GPS system and each tool is a satellite that brings in information. Each satellite needs to bring in clear and understandable information to the brain.  When all three satellites are working at peak capacity, your brain and nervous system operate with exceptional ease and efficiency. Imagine your GPS system in the car is getting different information about your location. Come on, you know this happens just about every other day, especially when you need it most! And what if your GPS actually blows a circuit to prevent it from integrating the information from the satellites? This is what's happening to an (AD) patient’s brain.  In the neurology world, this is called sensory matching or in this case mismatching.

  • Visual = 35%
  • Vestibular = 25%
  • Proprioceptive = 15%
  • Total = 75%

At best, this person is operating at an average C grade student if you use the analogy from school. The research indicates that supporting this sensory/motor deficit might enhance function for (AD) patients. The importance is for all three satellite systems (sensory) to tell the same story to the brain at all times; integration.   There's still more research that needs to be done to see just how much work can be accomplished with a brain already impacted by (AD).

But what about you?  Are you experiencing vision issues i.e. do you wear glasses, have bi or trifocals or even mono-vision contacts?  Do you have balance issues, inner ear concerns, motion sickness? Do you have joint pain, back pain or slowed movement? These are all signs that one, two or ALL three of your sensory input systems (GPS Satellites) are not sending clear messaging to the brain.  You may already be going down the path that the research indicated.

The good news is that there is much research indicating that training all three of these systems together is key.  You might think that you just need movement (exercise) and that is important, but you need to be making sure all three satellites are activating in your brain and being challenged to work together. Some helpful activities may be Aikido, Tai Chi and dance.  But it is so important to make sure you have vision training and tracking like in racquetball. Any of these can be problematic if your eye-sight is already poor or you can’t move! Training your brain without incorporating all three systems is not going to bring the desired result.

The best way we have learned to incorporate proper training for all three systems is with a class we call 3 Pillars - Move Well, Balance Well, See Well where we actively work with all three systems and teach you how to measure, track and improve over 12 weeks.  The course is offered in a classroom setting making it affordable. You will work at your pace, but even more importantly, you will learn how to evaluate what is best for your unique circumstances and brain. Of course, we also offer one-on-one training for those that want individualized custom work.

As a special offer to our newsletter recipients, if you are in the DFW area, you are welcome to stop by our 3 Pillars Strong Workshop and participate in a session any Saturday between now and November 9 to see how this workshop can support your brain.  Details on time and location.

You are also welcome to schedule a 15-minute free consultation to discuss how we can best support you or a loved one's cognitive health. Call us at 972-712-0892 or go to our website and schedule now.

We look forward to hearing from you today!

This short video on "What is Z_Health" also explains the basis for 3 Pillars Strong: Move Well, Balance Well, See Well.

Z Health and Neurology 101

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The Swiss Army Knife of Wellness

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BodyTalk Access

swiss army knife

swiss army knife

Do you have your tools?

Are you familiar with a Swiss Army Knife?  This knife was invented in Switzerland in 1891 by an inventor named Karl Elsener. The knife is a pocket knife or multi-tool knife.  American Soldiers named it Swiss Army Knife during World War II because they could not easily pronounce its German name “Offiziersmesser”.   What makes this knife so unique is that it has a main blade and various tools like can openers, screwdrivers, corkscrews, scissors, pliers, nail files, shackle cutters and now LED lights, USB sticks, etc. They are generally known for their red color and cross logo which in military issued knives is the coat of arms of Switzerland. I think you can see why these handy knives would be an amazing tool for camping, an athletic field, at home and even in the military to address many things they might encounter.

What if you could have such a tool for your overall health and well-being? Would that be valuable? Even better, a tool that requires no equipment, no supplements, took up no space in your backpack, camping equipment or car for the football or soccer game. A tool that could help you address a host needs as may be required for any given situation. Well, such a tool exists and all you need is to learn it in a day and use it for a lifetime whether in the wilderness, on the playground or soccer field, in the workplace, on an airplane, in your home, or any other indoor or outdoor environment.

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself. You know this to be true if you have ever cut your finger, had surgery or broken a bone.   This is called your innate wisdom to heal. And fortunately for all of us, we are all born with it and do not have to think too hard to allow the process or ailment to fix itself. That is the amazing part about our bodies.  I’ve prepared a video where you can learn more about how your body can Design Its Own Healthcare plan.

Keeping yourself feeling good can be challenging in our world today.  For instance, have you ever had a day when you felt like your focus was gone or you just could not remember anything!  A lot of this is due to stress, such as traffic, school, deadlines, receiving bad news. Try this brain balancing technique we call Cortices.  By using focus and your body’s innate ability to heal, you can bring about great calming and balance to your brain to calm your perspective on these matters.

Sometimes the stress seems so great in our lives that we feel we cannot cope.  Your body has it's own built-in ability to blow a circuit like a breaker in your home to protect you from more serious concerns. We call this Switching, like triggering that switch or breaker. This process is natural and is seen in long-distance runners when they push themselves beyond the limits and their body collapses at the end of the race to force the body to start the healing process by letting them know, “You did TOO much, it’s time to rest!”

Did you know that your body is made up of nearly 78% water and drinking more of it is one of the fastest changes you can make in your daily health regime to improve so many functions like digestion, detoxification and mental clarity.  But sometimes your cells lose their ability to hydrate and use the water to its best advantage. You have seen this when you observe water retention in any part of your body. Your cells can be re-trained to use this water correctly in a simple technique we call Hydration.

Why do so many get the flu?  Isn’t that what the flu vaccine is supposed to take care of for us?  The stress that many people are under is causing their body to work in a compromised state thus allowing any host of microbes to latch on and feast in an unprotected and sometimes defenseless respiratory microbiome.  It could be attacks from pollution, airborne allergies etc. What if with a little bit of knowledge, you had a way to talk to those immune cells and teach them how to fight back and recognize more easily a threat to your internal environment.  We call this Body Chemistry and it is a very safe and effective technique to arm yourself and your children since you don’t always know what is lurking.

Did you know that your body parts have pairs or partners that work together almost like a marriage?  They are responsible for looking out for each other and helping each other stay strong and working at peak performance.  And when one is not working well, the other picks up the slack until healing can occur in the “failing” part. The body has an energy system that connects all of these parts together and when you connect just the right points, you will help your body re-establish communication with the brain to allow healing to happen more efficiently.  This assists the brain to find a new pathway through neuroplasticity. This is a newer term in the neuro-science world helping new synaptic connections to happen especially after an injury. Imagine how valuable it would be if you could learn what these body pairs are to allow you to move your body to balance faster? In our class, BodyTalk Access, we teach these pairs which we call Reciprocals.  

A few summers ago, I took a small hike/climb in the middle of July in a rather warm climate for nearly 5 hours in the hottest part of the day.  I had not hiked before! I was severely taxed from caregiving and I had just two bottles of water (12 oz. each). I get it, I was not prepared.  As I climbed to the ½ way point of this big red rock in Sedona, I realized I was concerned and frightened that I might not make it back down. I have never felt such a lack of courage.  It was at that moment that I remembered, maybe I was prepared after all. Maybe I should use those healing and wellness techniques I teach!! So, I did. With very little water left, I was able to hydrate my cells, reduce my body’s view of the stress threat and regain balance back in my body structurally.  In less than 10 minutes, I was leaping back down that big old rocky peak and I was amazed at how these little wellness techniques changed not only my physical fatigue, but also my mental game. I was no longer feeling defenseless and fearful. 

Would it be valuable to learn a technique that literally took minutes to support a jammed finger, black eye, sprained ankle, toothache, appendicitis, concussion or surgery recovery?  In one day, we can share how to provide support in all of these health concerns with our Fast Aid Technique.

We teach a class called BodyTalk Access. I like to call it the Swiss Army Knife of Wellness and now you know why. Each health aspect mentioned above is taught in this wellness class. Here are the types of things it can support;

A sprain to any part of the body, discomfort in the head like a headache, supporting someone in a coma, increasing your body's ability to handle stress that it faces daily, support for colds or flu, black eye, any kind of sports injury, helping someone who has fainted, helping with dehydration, assisting with handling the effects of a snake bite, supporting someone with a skin rash, supporting someone with an insect bite, supporting someone with a backache, relief from tooth pain, nasal congestion, charlie horse, etc. Have I made my point? There is no limit to the possibilities to ease the discomfort. 

Your mind has an incredible way of healing and in fact, the latest in neuroscience is proving this repeatedly.  Check out the Evidence Based Research supporting this kind of healing.  And be sure to register early to get the best pricing or call us if you have questions at 972-712-0892.


BodyTalk Access

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Kill Me

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Words can Kill

Do you remember that old children’s saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”?  We all thought we were so clever to say it to another child calling us names on the playground. But in reality, words can be devastating and the truth is, "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Kill Me"! Read on to experience what I mean.

Have you ever noticed how great you feel when someone pays you a compliment?  Especially the unsolicited one, the unsuspecting one, the one that takes you totally by surprise and causes you to beam!  Bask in that compliment for just a moment. Close your eyes and engage all the rest of your senses as you recapture that day when someone made you feel overwhelming joy because of a compliment.  Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Notice your heartbeat, breathing and overall feelings in your body. For the full effect, you should do this for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Now, think of a time when someone blindsided you with a negative comment or statement.  Perhaps it was today, yesterday or thirty years ago. It might have been your parent, spouse, child or best friend.  Think about that comment. Close your eyes and engage all your senses as you replay the scene. What were you wearing?  What time of year is it? Hear the words said to you and the voice in which they were said. How do you feel now? Is your body temperature changing?  Do you have a pit in your stomach?  

Go back to the positive comment you remembered from your memory banks earlier and close your eyes again and reflect on all the senses being engaged around that beautiful happy moment, engage all the senses again. Now doesn’t that feel better? And did you notice how your body changed with the thought of it! Whew! I’m glad I asked you to do that so you could be in a positive state of being. If you didn’t notice much change between these two memories than you just need to practice more and become more aware of your body.  I teach others to learn more about this through my Awaken blog and ask them to read the fourth paragraph to get in tune with the kind of changes a body can make including immediate sounds and gurgles. 

This is the power of your words and (thoughts). I learned about changing my words as a youngster from my mom.  She was very helpful in encouraging me and teaching me how to focus on speaking positive words. You may not be a reader of the Bible and that is your choice, but I found a scripture or two in both the old and new testaments to back up the importance of our words.  Well actually there are many, but I will share just these two.

Psalm 19:14 - May my spoken words and my unspoken thoughts be pleasing in Your sight.

Matthew 5:22 ...Carelessly call a brother ‘idiot!’ and you just might find yourself hauled into court. Thoughtlessly yell ‘stupid!’ at a sister and you are on the brink of hellfire. The simple moral fact is that words kill.

The first one is so specific that it even indicates how you don’t even have to speak them, but even thinking them can bring about a negative outcome.  Didn’t we just prove that in the exercise above? Did you notice a change in your body when reflecting on the two active memories? Maybe you need one more opportunity to drive this point home.  Have you ever walked into a room, didn’t need to hear a word that was spoken BUT, you could feel the tension? Of course, you have. So what is my point? How did you feel something that wasn’t “done” to you?  These are what one might call frequencies. All emotions have them. Some make you feel great; like happiness. And some make you feel awful; like grief or anger. And these frequencies lead to balance (harmony) or imbalance (disharmony) in our bodies.  And this leads to dis-ease. So the next time you are not feeling your best, look at your words and thoughts for the answer and analyze them or keep a diary of the words you speak to others, hear from others or more importantly; speak to yourself.  

There are a number of opportunities to help you remove the negative impact of words spoken over you. The most important thing is to watch your own self-talk and treat others as you want to be treated.  But, I get it, sometimes you have a creep in your life; someone that has a really bad self-image and they don’t feel better unless they cut you down. If you are in a position to, I recommend that you remove them from your presence. You might also find that our emotional questionnaire is a helpful tool which allows you to determine what kind of supplement support can assist you with these feelings. They require Bach Flower Essences and you can purchase these from our office and we can dropship them to you as needed.  

For more severe feelings around a negative event we recommend three options we use in our practice and you can learn about these in the following two video links: BodyTalk - Healthcare Designed by the Body, Emotional Regulation using TiPi or read about our third option using essential oils called Aroma Freedom Technique.

For more information on how active memories or negative feelings can impact your health, I encourage you to book a free consultation to discuss any of the methods we engage above or call us at 972-712-0892.  We also invite you to attend our free webinars held monthly.  Registration is required for each one you choose to attend. 

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Is your Brain’s GPS Operating Efficiently?

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Is your Brain’s GPS Operating Efficiently? Do You Move Well, Balance Well, See Well?

Z Health

Imagine that you're driving to a new destination. A place you've never been before and you are solely relying on your Global Positioning System (GPS) in your car. Have you ever had a moment when you felt like the GPS was taking you in circles or you became more lost than if you had navigated on your own?   A GPS system requires satellites and they all need to bring in information clearly in order for your GPS to get you where you need to go in the most efficient manner. But as you know, sometimes this doesn't happen. It's as if a satellite is out or not able to easily transmit the necessary information. This is unfortunately how many people's brains operate.  Sometimes it feels like information is foggy or you are not getting a clear signal. Maybe you can relate?

There are three primary tools in the toolbox that your nervous system utilizes to orient you in your environment and assess threat levels:

Z Health Neural Hierarchy

  1. Visual system
  2. Vestibular system
  3. Proprioceptive system 

This is what we would call your body’s own GPS system.  Now, picture these three tools are satellites to your nervous system’s global positioning on where you are in the world and determining if the path you are on (environment) is safe. This would be similar to the GPS in your car taking you the most efficient and safest route around traffic, accidents, etc. The nervous system requires these three tools to give the brain important input to perform its most important task; keeping you safe.  Did you realize that your brain is constantly scanning the environment for signs of danger and threat and it uses these three input systems to do it?

The visual system processes millions of bits of information per second. Ever notice how you flinch when someone throws a paper wad or other object at your face without warning?   The act of flinching is your nervous system's response to that incoming threat. The vestibular system; often referred to as the inner ear is what helps you have a sense of balance. When you have an inner ear infection or if you stand up and get dizzy or lose your balance your brain once again signals threat or danger. Why? Because without your balance you might fall and hurt yourself. The proprioceptive system is best described as how we can feel where all our other body parts are in relation to each other and see them in our mind's eye without actually having to touch them with a hand or see them with our eyes.  

All three of these systems work together in conjunction to bring information into the brain to allow your brain to determine if the environment you’re currently in is safe or unsafe. Imagine that each one, for the sake of example, takes on a mathematical percentage something like this:

  • Visual = 45%
  • Vestibular = 35%
  • Proprioceptive = 20%
  • Total = 100%

This mathematical formula is demonstrating that between the three systems we have 100% accuracy and congruence of all the information coming in regarding our environment into the nervous system. This is what allows the GPS system to work effectively and efficiently.  But what if your three satellites are not operating at peak performance? Currently, is your vision without corrective lenses? In other words, if you need to wear glasses for near or far vision, have bi or trifocals or even mono-vision contacts, then you have potential that one of your satellites is off. Can you stand on one foot on a balance device without having to hold on? Do you have inner ear issues or have you fallen lately or maybe you experience motion sickness?  These are signs that satellite #2 is not operating efficiently. Do you have joint pain, back pain or slower movement compared to another time in your life? This is an indicator that your proprioceptive satellite is not sending in a strong signal. These are all signs that one, two or ALL three of your sensory input systems (GPS Satellites) are not sending clear messaging to the brain.  

When any one of these systems above in our mathematical formula is off, you might not experience 100% signal reception. Maybe it's only 78% which is a C+ the last time I checked grades.   But, don’t fret. The latest in neuroscience has good news for you even if you are only a C+ student today. The brain can change itself and this is what's called neuroplasticity. All you need is the right training environment to make it happen.  In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your brain, it's important to do training that engages all three satellite systems. The more you can use your brain as it relates to proper vision, balance, and movement the better. Staying active is key as you have probably heard so many times before, but it's more than just movement. It's about engaging the balance system, using the vision system and making sure your movement is the correct movement for you. All these systems need to be engaged at the right level that is unique for you and that is why we promote and encourage Priority Based Healthcare in our practice. Not everyone has vision issues. Not everyone has balance concerns and not everyone has movement or range of motion discomfort.

Certain engaging activities such as dance, martial arts, and activities that require you to track a moving object are all helpful. But the most important thing is establishing a baseline. Knowing where you are today, knowing the tools that make you strongest and being able to assess on a daily basis are key aspects to the brain being able to change itself.  It is critical that you can measure and see progress. You can track with a simple range of motion technique like touching your toes as you perform these activities to see if your body and brain like them. When done correctly, you will see improvement in all three systems and likely remove any source of discomfort.

I know not everybody is as motivated to take the steps mentioned above. And if you are one with poor eyesight or perhaps you can't move well, you might need a little one-on-one customized assistance. If this is the case for you, please contact our office for a free consultation on how we may be able to assist you. If you are near our office, you might consider our 12-week workshop called  3 Pillars Strong - Move Well, Balance Well, See Well. This workshop gives you the tools to work each aspect of your GPS system, teaches you how to assess yourself, and gives you the necessary materials to track your progress because we know you will make progress. Call today to find out when our next offering is and to secure your registration. Space is limited but if you choose to bring a friend as an accountability partner, ask about our special friend discount. Call us at 972-712-0892 for more information. 

Z- Health 3 Pillars Strong



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