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The ways of right-living people glow with light; the
longer they live, the brighter they shine.
 - Proverbs 4:18

Nutrition Plan

Access Nutrition

Why is accessing nutrition through Access Complete Wellness different than your current nutrition plan?

Access Your Unique Nutrition Plan

At Access Complete Wellness, we believe that nutrition should start with eating the right foods but not only that; it means eating the right foods unique to you. Not all body types are the same. Things such as blood type and fat burning rates among a host of other factors are important variables in achieving optimal health.
We believe that whole foods rather than processed foods are the best way to supply the body with the nutrients it needs. What are whole foods? They are foods that are “alive” such as whole fruits, vegetables and grains. But this does not mean we only support eating raw fruits and vegetables. We believe a balance of foods is important, but utilizing as many foods that are “alive” is always best.
nutrition plan

Self Directed Nutrition

Do it yourself - with convenient daily AM and PM packs for ease of use
Customized Online Health Assessment - with immediate Assessment Results 24/7
Individually designed Vitamin Program - with both organic and organically synthesized products
Considers medical conditions, prescription usage, lifestyle, and family history
Over 7,000 research studies to support recommendations
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Practitioner Directed Nutrition

Practitioner guides you through a customized selection process - with Nutritional recommendations based on your unique symptoms
Nutrition Assessment based on body systems (report included)
Learn how toxic your body is
Whole food supplementation - with Purification email support and program recipes
Blood Sugar/Weight Loss Purification Program
Digestion Purification Program and Inflammation Purification Program
Hormone support
Female vitality program - Male vitality program

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