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Access Mind-Body Connection

Access Mind-Body Connection

What is the Mind/Body Connection?

Stress Management from the Inside Out

Imagine that you have just taken your dream vacation and that everything was just the way you wanted it to be. While on your vacation, you had no worries at all and you were free from all stress. How does that make you feel? Calm? Relaxed?
Now imagine what it would be like to begin your dream vacation only to find that all flights have been delayed with crowds at the airport, no rental cars and no hotels. Once you do get there, you find that nothing is the way you thought it would be. One thing after another goes wrong. How does that make you feel? Stressed? Anxious? Disappointed? Do you notice any feelings of rising blood pressure or nausea?
Before we go further, erase this picture of looming disappointment from your mind and refresh the image with one of a peaceful place full of joy and harmony. Ahh… yes, much better.
Congratulations, you’ve just experienced the Mind/Body connection. It is no longer a question about whether the mind and the body are connected. In fact, the more we discover about the mind/body connection, the more we understand that all aspects of our being are interconnected: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Is there research to support a mind/body program?

Scientists offer evidence that our mental thoughts have a profound impact on our physical health and our DNA. According to Caroline Leaf’s research, our thoughts have physical structure in our neurons (nerve cells). Depending on the types of thoughts we think, our cells can release chemicals into our system that make us feel good or create toxicity within our body. Bruce Lipton’s work states that the majority of our DNA is not fixed but rather changing all the time. And our thoughts and belief systems can and do significantly impact our DNA. Daniel Amen has written several books discussing that our experiences and the types of thoughts we think can change our brain’s structure.

According to a recent study, “Similar brain regions are involved when we imagine, observe and execute an action.” The same is true for emotions whether we observe the emotion in someone else, read about it or experience the emotion ourselves.

At Access Complete Wellness, our concern is how to help you reduce the impact of the stress of everyday life. We understand that “life happens”. We also understand that it is possible to give you the tools to help reduce how that stress impacts your health. Through our Mind/Body program, we offer tools that take as little as a few minutes to re-balance your system like hitting a big “reset button”.

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